Transitioning To The New Bluebeam Revu 21: All You Need To Know!

September 20, 2022 3 min read

Transitioning To The New Bluebeam Revu 21: All You Need To Know!

With the new release of Bluebeam Revu 21 Bluebeam is transitioning to a subscription - based business model. 
All subscription packages include the next major version of Bluebeam Desktop (Revu 21), Bluebeam Cloud (web & mobile) solutions, as well as services designed to boost productivity.
The only way to access the new Revu 21, from now on, will be through subscription!
Transitioning to a subscription model will allow Bluebeam to better support you and your work by delivering:

  • greater flexibility to access work anywhere, using Bluebeam at work, home or in the field and on any device — all under one Bluebeam license with named user login.
  •  experience peace of mind, through enhanced security and compliance, superior user experience, and access to comprehensive support options.
  •  lower total cost of ownership, by getting ongoing product enhancements and upgrades, as well as access to premium features with lower upfront costs.

What Are the Options for Customers Currently Under Maintenance?
Under current Maintenance, you have the option to transition to subscription and be upgraded to Bluebeam’s most comprehensive plan (Complete) for one year, at your current Maintenance renewal rate (if transitioning Permanent Licenses with Maintenance) or at a low conversion price (if transitioning Open Licenses) .
With this offer to the subscription model, you can experience the full breadth of Bluebeam’s solutions and additional services, like unlimited cloud storage, geolocational insights and more (not to mention the update to Revu 21 and beyond...).

Is it Possible to Keep Renewing Maintenance?
If you’re not ready to transition to subscription when your renewal is due, you have the option to renew your current Permanent License and Open License contract and Maintenance for one more year.
Note that you will need to transition to subscription by Q3 2023. At that time, Permanent Licenses and Open Licenses will no longer be available.

Is it Possible to Transition to Subscription and Keep Using Revu 20, 2019, 2018, etc.?
You can choose to use an older version of Revu — even after you transition to subscription — to minimize disruption on your active projects. If you have Revu 20, you’ll continue to get updates/patches Bluebeam may release to address critical bugs, but no new functionality will be released. Installing Revu 21 doesn’t require you to uninstall older versions, so you can continue using existing Revu licenses for some users.

What Bluebeam plans are available?
Bluebeam offers three plans tailored for a variety of project needs in the office and the field. Each package includes Bluebeam Revu , Bluebeam Cloud (web & mobile) solutions.

What is Bluebeam Cloud? 
Bluebeam Cloud offers a series of solutions that allow you to access, markup and complete entire workflows on the go. All plans include the Bluebeam Cloud Markup Editor , which allows users to markup and collaborate on project documents on the go. The Core and Complete plans also include Bluebeam Cloud Field Tools , which allow users to complete end-to-end workflows from any location and is fully compatible with Studio Project documents from Revu.

Revu Features/Functionality Available With Each Bluebeam Plan 

Bluebeam Revu 21 is now available in three plans: Bluebeam Basics, Bluebeam Core, and Bluebeam Complete.
The only way to access the new Revu 21, from now on, will be through subscription!

Feel free to call our Bluebeam Experts at 866 362 8970 ext.704or email calvin@novedge.comif you have more questions about the Bluebeam transition, to find out more about Bluebeam Permanent Licenses, or to request a quote.


Bluebeam Plans 

Bluebeam Basics - Annual Subscription

Bluebeam Basics  Annual Subscription

Bluebeam Core - Annual Subscription

Bluebeam Core Annual Subscription

Bluebeam Complete - Annual Subscription

Bluebeam Complete

Annual Subscription

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