This Is Forest Pack's 8.0.8 Latest Update. What's New?

February 24, 2023 1 min read

This Is Forest Pack's 8.0.8 Latest Update. What's New?

Forest Pack's 2023 iteration 2 introduces a suite of enhancements to ForestSets, as well as edge trimming capabilities to Forest Effects.

In Forest Pack 8.0.8, ForestSets has been augmented, providing users with the means to group geometry, surfaces, references, or areas into a single container. This current version also allows for Object areas, allowing scenescapes to be streamlined effortlessly. Through layer-based population, ForestSets can even be populated dynamically, revolutionizing the autamtic workflow process.
ForestSets has been also improved with a "Disable Set Content" mode, enabling expeditious termination of connection to the related assets with no need to dispossess the Forest Pack object. Once activated, it functions as a vacuous object.

    Edge Trimming
    There is a new Edge Trimming mode in Forest Effects, and you can utilize it either with Path distribution mode or Custom Edit mode. This new feature permits you to write an effect that appends Edge checking (analogous Edge mode from Areas tab) to the active items using exclusively determined curve. Nevertheless, due to technical stipulations, it does not match the speed of natural edge trimming, thus be mindful as it may be a trudge with massive distributions, but for that decisive finesse, it can be a vital catalyst!

    To see a full list of all the changes and fixes,  visit the release notes in our Forest Packs ' documentation.

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