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November 24, 2006 2 min read

Since Novedge started its website a few years ago, we have been publishing our newsletter almost every month. It's our tradition and a way to stay in touch with our customers and friends. Every month we write and put together a group of short articles about the products in our catalog, combining news and technical information.

As we are approaching the end of the month we are getting ready to send out the November issue. Here is the content list:

  • A short presentation of a new CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) product by ESI, called CADalyzer, recently added to our catalog.
  • A very interesting video tutorial from Nemetschek on how to create a house's roof with VectorWorks ARCHITECT.
  • A case study describing the experience of the architect Ed Staelens using Envisioneer.
  • A presentation of a new gallery of 3D images created with auto.des.sys formZ. The gallery includes more than 800 images.
  • A link to the Ashlar free CAD viewer able to open all Ashlar file formats.
  • A review of the book "Building a Digital Human" by Ken Brilliant.
  • One of the many enthusiastic user reviews of Rhino we receive every day.
  • A list of all the most recent new products added to our online catalog.

Novedge Newsletter Facts:

  • The November 2006 issue will be the 38th. The first issue was published in May 2003.
  • This month the newsletter will go out to more than 70,000 subscribers. Each subscription originated on our website. We care about our subscribers, in fact we don't share our mailing list with anybody else and we make it easy for you to unsubscribe if you change your mind.
  • Each newsletter presents eight separate sections or short articles. The first issue included only three articles; gradually, over time, the number grew up to the current level of eight per issue.
  • Starting October 2006, the newsletter can be subscribed also as RSS feed and can be read using any RSS reader. We believe this is a new and very convenient way to stay in touch with us, in some ways even more effective than the traditional e-mail.

Look in your e-mail inbox for the November Newsletter and if you have any feedback or suggestions on how to improve it, feel free to share it with us by leaving a comment to this post.

Franco Folini

Franco Folini
Franco Folini

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