The Edge: Ashli Mizell, Refined Interior Design (over easy).

May 26, 2015 3 min read

Ashli Mizell-

Novedge: Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do. 

Ashli Mizell: My name is Ashli Mizell and I run a Philadelphia based Interior Design Firmspecializing in highly custom residential and commercial interiors. Our projects range in scale and setting from pied-a-terres and gracious Federal style townhouses, to country getaways. 

Novedge: How does your background in Art History  inform your work as a Designer?

Ashli Mizell: Just as Art History is a reflection of society at any given time, the same can be said of the interiors in which we live and work. In the end, all great rooms are composed of the same things that make a great composition in art. For a space to really sing,  there has to be a solid balance of line, shape, color, form and texture all working in harmony. 

Novedge: What is a recent project that you worked on? 

Ashli Mizell: We recently completed work on a classic Federal style townhouse in Philadelphia that is situated on one of the oldest and most historic blocks in the city.  This 7000 sf space that afforded us the opportunity to work on a variety of spaces: from living and dining rooms, to a wonderful roofdeck with skyline views.  The client was a savvy entrepreneur with a penchant for Asian Art, Santa Fe’s simplicity and 60”s pop culture- an eclectic mix to say the least.  The challenge was to create a space that felt masculine and elegant with plenty of moments for fun and relaxation. A tweed swathed game room with a ping pong table for his sons accomplished the former, while a cavernous basement was transformed into a floor to ceiling limestone spa for some requisite R&R. Leather, lacquered linen and herringbone wood veneer are just a few of the surface treatments that add to this restrained-yet- relaxed incarnation of a modern bachelor’s home. Ashli Mizell-NB8

Ashli Mizell-Small Living Room Coffee Table Detail_0580 FINAL Credit Jason VarneyPhoto credits Jason Varney.

This other project was the epitome of a rural retreat : a 15,000 sf country home needed to meet the needs and tastes of a young NYC family wanting to entertain and relax on weekends (no moose head over the mantle allowed). The result was an unexpected take on country living- something a bit more distilled, elegant and tailored with touches of the exotic and playful. For instance, a Venetian plastered wall sets an elevated backdrop against the custom, wood slab dining tale for 12 with a decidedly organic feel.  In an intimate sitting area, a 60’s Italian coffee table plays foil to a pair of vintage Belgian club chairs.  Meanwhile, herringbones and velvet collide with linen and leather in the soaring great room which is home to roaring fires and lots of fun.Ashli Mizell-Living Room Top View_0460 FINAL Credit Jason VarneyPhoto credits Jason Varney.

Novedge: How would you describe your style?

Ashli Mizell: Refined, over easy. Ashli Mizell-Living Room Mantle_0501 FINAL Credit Jason VarneyNovedge: Where do you get inspiration?

Ashli Mizell: I love to travel and can get lost in rambling flea markets, food markets and historic sites for days.  This feeds my creative spirit like nothing else. 

Novedge: What software do you use? 

Ashli Mizell: My exceptionally talented team of young designers use all the usual suspects from AutoCADand Sketchupand Adobe suite for design work and my personal favorite….Studio Designerfor all proposals and orders- it is fantastic! 

Novedge: You must have had interesting requests in your career as an Interior Designer; is there one in particular you would like to share ?

Ashli Mizell: We are just wrapping up a two year project in the city where the basement of the townhouse was renovated to suit the needs of a competitive triathlete and needed to include an in ground infinity pool.  As this was all to take place on an historically registered block where getting a paint color approved can take weeks… you can imagine the path we had to navigate to make this come together.  In the end, it has come out really well and may give the average West Coast grotto a run for its money.

Novedge: Good design is…….? Fill the blank.

Ashli Mizell: Richly textured, layered and luxuriously livable. Ashli Mizell-Small Living Room Overall_0552 FINAL Credit Jason VarneyNovedge: How did you discover Novedge?

Ashli Mizell: I first read about Novedge on your blog and have always enjoyed the designer bios that you have featured and in being asked to give this interview, find myself in some very good company!


Thank you Ashli, it's always a pleasure to witness our customers' success and cheer on their Design achievements . Check out Ashli Mizell's website and follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more inspiration.

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