Stunning 3D Packaging Design Visualizations With KeyShot

April 08, 2022 2 min read

Stunning 3D Packaging Design Visualizations With KeyShot

From bags and bins to bottles and boxes, KeyShot can show off the materials that make your package unique and animate how it works in the real world.

KeyShot makes every part of your packaging workflow better, from idea to approval. 

  1. Import Your 3D Model. 
    KeyShot imports the widest variety of 3D files and includes free plugins for some of the most popular.  
  2. Apply Real World Materials and Labels.
    Simply drag and drop from the Material, apply PANTONE and RAL colors from the Color Library or create your own unique material.
  3. Share, decide, and approve CMF sooner.
    KeyShot makes it simple to lay out all the material and texture variations, allowing your team to view and discuss concepts sooner through the use of virtual prototypes.
  4. An interactive package design experience.
    Use KeyShot to render in VR or send to KeyVR for a completely immersive VR environment. Export to USDZ or GLB to share and experience in 3D with your mobile device.
  5. Publish photoreal renderings, animations, and web visuals.
    Once approvals are given and production changes applied, render out your final renderings, animations, and visuals for web content and sales/marketing collateral.


With the visualization capabilities of KeyShot, create high-quality, animated product visuals faster than you ever thought possible. KeyShot features for packaging include:

  • Widest 3D Import Support: Import from the most popular 3D software with support for over 60 different file formats. 
  •  Drag and Drop Materials: Easily drag and drop from a variety of real-world packaging materials. 
  •  Studios and Colorways: Use multi-materials and Model Sets with Studios to view various packaging configurations and lighting environments. 
  •   Real-time Animation:Full interaction with camera, lighting and materials during animation setup and playback. 
  •   Product Configurator: Generate a product configurator to embed on your website. 
  •   Mobile/Web Content Export: Export interactive spherical web visuals or GLB and USDZ for both web and mobile viewing. 
  •   Label Materials: Apply different materials to your labels, even reflective or film materials. 
  •   Advanced Material Editing: Create your own layered materials with KeyShot Material Editor. 
  •   Advanced Geometry Editing: Split surfaces, optimize meshes, unwrap UVs and more with Geometry Tools. 
  •   Image Editing: Apply advanced image adjustments like bloom, vignette, or chromatic aberration. 
  •   VR Capability: Take viewing and interaction to the next level with one-click from KeyShot to KeyVR

Feel free to call our experts at 866 362 8970 to find out more about KeyShot or to request a quote.


Luxion  Products 

KeyShot 11 PRO - 1-Year Subscription

 KeyShot 11 PRO 1-Year Subscription    

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KeyShotWeb - Subscription

KeyVR - 1-Year Subscription


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