Specials and New Releases – May 4, 2015

May 04, 2015 3 min read

AutoCAD 2016 comes in all sort of forms and shapes. Scroll down to find the right AutoCAD fit for you and your business. And don't miss this week's Novedge Webinar on the New Releases Artlantis 6, it's going to be a full house so registerright away!


Click here for all the latest New Releases.

solidThinking Evolve 2015

solidThinking, Inc., this week has introduced a brand new solidThinking Evolve 2015, its cutting edge surfaces, solids and NURBS modeling and rendering application for industrial and product design and all design disciplines in need of advanced surfacing tools combined with on board rendering features. Available also as USB Key License. Do you want to know more about Evolve 2015? Check our recent Novedge Webinar.


Maya 2016 Desktop Subscription

Begin your journey into the world of 3D graphics and animation with a 3-Year Lease w/ Basic Support on Maya 2016 Desktop Subscription. Only $123.50 a month!

 AutoCAD 2016 

AutoCAD 2016 is here in every form and shape. These are your options: 

AutoCAD Design Suite Standard 2016 Desktop Subscription 3-Year Lease w/ Advanced Support ;

AutoCAD Architecture 2016 for Win Desktop Subscription 1-Year Lease w/ Basic Support;

AutoCAD Architecture 2016 for Win Desktop Subscription 3-Month Lease w/ Basic Support;

AutoCAD 2016 for Win Desktop Subscription 3-Year Lease w/ Basic Support;

AutoCAD 2016 for Win Desktop Subscription 3-Year Lease w/ Advanced Support.

Not sure what's the best solution for you? At Novedge we are very happy to assist you. Sometimes it's good to talk it over with someone that can help you make an informed decision. Consider our Scott your AutoCAD lifeline. Give him a call at 866 362 8970 ext.705.

Vectorworks Architect Tutorial Manual
7th Edition by Jonathan Pickup

The tutorial walks the user through a residential renovation project and demonstrates the process of documenting the existing site, preparing and presenting proposed designs, and creating working drawings/construction documents. Although the example in the manual is a residential project, the principles learned can also be applied to commercial building design. Get this thorough, project-based training workbook here.

3D Modeling in Vectorworks
7th Edition by Jonathan Pickup

3D Modeling in Vectorworks 7th Edition by Jonathan Pickup, is an essential guide for anyone interested in learning to create free-form models with Vectorworks software. By taking complicated examples and breaking them down into manageable steps, this tutorial will help the reader build a foundation of skills for creating 3D forms through the use of extrudes, sweeps, solids, NURBS, loft surfaces, and 3D primitives. 


To see a complete list of new and current specials, including all Autodesk promotions, click here.



To see a complete list of new and current specials, including all Autodesk promotions, click here.

formZ Pro Spring Special

Save $200 when you buy a new formZ pro license or formZ pro RenderZone bundle through the end of April 2015. This offer includes a free upgrade to the up coming formZ pro v8.5 with some pretty exciting new features! Additional seats for your formZ license are also just $795. Check out all the products on special and call Bob  at (866) 362-8970 x706.


MODO 801

Buy a new seat or upgrade to MODO 801 now and get an upgrade to MODO 901 for free when it ships!https://player.vimeo.com/video/124320824 


Wednesday Webinar: Introduction to Artlantis 6 ©Abvent_4Artlantis 6 for Win and for Mac, is a 3D rendering application developed especially for architects and designers, ideal for quickly and easily creating high resolution renderings, animations, and iVisit 3D panoramas. Join us to learn about the latest version of Artlantis, which boasts its own built-in physical engine, emphasizing physical rendering quality, precision, material accuracy, and energy consumption. The webinar will cover the exciting new features Artlantis 6 has to offer. ©Francisco-Vidigal_1Image by Francisco Vidigal.

The webinar is free and will last about one hour and a half, including the Q & A session.

 Looking for more Specials and New Releases?

You can find our previous posts here to make sure you didn't miss any of our past announcements.


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