Specials and New Releases – March 9, 2015

March 09, 2015 2 min read

Pay when you need it, stay current, scale up or down and, on top of it all, get all the phone support you need for free!What's not to like about the Autodesk Desktop Subscriptions? The week's New Releases and a few great Specials are all laid out for you. Do get some ideas!


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Rhino CAM 2015

Complete CAM software integrated with Rhino

RhinoCAM 2015 Standard includes 2-1/2 axis, 3 Axis and hole making operations. 

RhinoCAM 2015 Pro is a windows-based 2½, 3, 4, & 5 axis solid, surface, STL, and manufacturing system.

RhinoCAM 2015 Premiumincludes our new 5 Axis continuous machining functionality.

RhinoCAM 2015 Expert allows (3+1) 4th axis indexed and continuous roughing and finishing operations. 

Rhino CAM-NEST 2015

RhinoCAM-NEST 2015 is MecSoft's cost effective solution for optimally arranging and fitting geometric shapes onto sheets of stock material.

Rhino CAM-TURN 2015

RhinoCAM-TURN 2015 enables Program Roughing, Finishing, Grooving, Threading and Parting-off Machining Operations.

Rhino CAM-ART 2015

RhinoCAM-ART 2015 is a Rhino plug-in that is used to convert artwork into geometry suitable for machining. 




To see a complete list of new and current specials, including all Autodesk promotions, click here.

Artlantis Five Star Promotion

Artlantis, the Architect's must-have rendering tool, is now available at an irresistible price. Check out the list of all the Artlantis products included in this promotion. And for great tips on lighting in Artlantis, check out  this Novedge Webinar.



To see a complete list of new and current specials, including all Autodesk promotions, click here.

12 Months Free Phone Support with Autodesk LT Desktop Subscriptions

Autodesk LT Family Desktop Subscription Promotion offers customers twelve (12) months of Autodesk phone support at no additional cost when contracting for new or renewal annual Desktop Subscription . These are the products that qualify: 

AutoCAD LT 2015 ; AutoCAD LT 2015 for Mac; Maya LT 2015 ; AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite 2015; AutoCAD Revit LT 2015 . Subscription 2015 Hero Image Blog
Hurry because this offer will last only through April 24th 2015!


Wednesday Webinar: Organic surface modeling in SolidWorks – with award winning Power Surfacing from nPower Software.

Power Surfacing 2.0 for SolidWorks is an award winning, innovative industrial design product for SolidWorks. Power surfacing provides organic/class A surface modeling in SolidWorks through an innovative unification of SubD modeling and SolidWorks features. Quickly block in aesthetically pleasing organic surfaces or volumes, edit the SubDs, convert to NURBS and add your favorite SolidWorks features. Need to make changes? Head back to Edit mode, easily manipulate the SubD through the hands-on interface and convert. With Power Surfacing, you can constrain to other SolidWorks geometry for tight integration. Power Surfacing RE also supports reverse engineering of scanned meshes.
The webinar is free and will last about one hour, including the Q & A session.


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