Novedge RhinoGold Webinar #78: Q&A with TDM Solutions

July 17, 2013 6 min read

Did you watch last week's Novedge Webinar? The program ran overtime and questions kept coming in. Graciously, the team at TDM Solutions agreed to answer all remaining questions from the audience on our blog. 


Q: Are there other types of bezel settings in RhinoGold 4.0?

A: Several prongs studio, head studios, etc

Q: Will the V-Ray Render Studio use V-Ray 1 or 1.5 for Rhino?

A: Yes, any V-Ray for Rhino user will be able to have the Render Studio for RhinoGold!

Comment: Thank you all… cool stuff, I appreciate it!!!

Q: Does RhinoGold 4.0 work with Rhino 4?

A: No it doesn't, it was developed for Rhino 5.0.

Q: To use RhinoGold 4.0, do I have to upgrade Rhino 4?

A: Yes, it only works in Rhino 5

Comment:I like this Clayoo ever since seeing it in action at a friend’s place.

Q: So this is in the place of Rhino Jewel? I found that Jewel doesn't work for Rhino 5

A: This is RhinoGold 4.0 developed for Rhino 5.0. Nothing to do with the other software company.

Q: Prongs has round caps now?

A: Yes

Q: I suppose I can continue using the V-Ray license I already have, despite the RG update with V-Ray integrated coming end of the year…?

A: Absolutely yes :) 

Comment: You guys have created a great program, than you for the presentation.

Q: 100% TDM technology? You mean 50% McNeel and 50% TDM right? I need Rhino still?

A: Yes, of course, there’s the Rhino base, but all the jewelry tool + freeform + manufacturing tools are developed in-house.

Q: Can we set the fleximetric as well with the fillet then?

A: Yes

Q: Does RhinoGold works with Windows XP?

A: Yes, but we don't recommend it

Q: Can we also fillet here on that stage?

A: Not at this stage, just after defined the bezel

Q: Why does the dynamic profile in my RhinoGold have a different interface than the one in the videos?

A: Check that you have the last service release, probably you’re using an older version of RhinoGold (v3 or older). We work every day to improve RhinoGold tools and make them more intuitive and easy-to-use.

Q: Hello, when will the Rhino relief feature be available?

 A: We are currently testing it in here. After a few weeks it will be available to download. The plan is to release it this summer!

Q: Why does the dynamic profile in my RhinoGold have a different interface than the one in the videos?

A: Check that you have the last service release, probably you’re using an older version of RhinoGold (v3 or older).

Q: How do you add your own profile? I never seem to have any success.

A: Under the menu File > Options > User Folder Manager, there you can add your own curves: profiles, etc

Q: Does the report include all the incremental saves?

A: No, it will only calculate the models in the current document

Q: Is it possible to use bezel or head studio with the Swarovski elements?

A: Yes, but you need to import the element to the Gems library, to do it use the Gem Template Editor tool

Q: Any specific tutorial for Clayoo..??

A: there are several videos at the moment but we will publish .PDF tutorials as well, very soon

Novedge: Check out our Clayoo webinar if you haven't yet:



Q: Where can I find the video about Gem Creator Editor?

A: We are publishing all the videos on and on our YouTube Channel. We will publish this one soon.

Q: I'm wondering if it’s possible to “reshape” the gems from RhinoGold 4.0 with the Gem template editor. When I open a gem template, for instance: the “Princess.Gemtemplate” from the default map zh-cn in RhinoGold 4.0, becomes an error.

A: Probably some parameter wasn't defined properly; check the video about the tool please.

Comment: RhinoEmboss. That's Great news for me !!

A: You will love it

Comment: Hi Pedro, I see I have to select the mesh, to edit these files, so problem solved, have a nice webinar.

Q: At this moment, I don’t know how, but there are two RhinoGold 4.0 programs running at the same time, I can’t close the first one who has only 4 blacks screens, even after restarting the comp. That one stays active. How can I close that one?

A: Please send us the details for In case we can’t fix it by email we will connect remotely to your computer.

Q: Is there a command similar to the one in RhinoGold 3.0 that will convert gem to simple shapes?

A: No need now, the gems are really lighter in this new version

Q: So if I have RhinoGold 3, I would need to buy Rhino 5 and RhinoGold 4 and what's the cost from Novedge?

A: You just need to update your versions, contact Here are the links to check out the upgrades to Rhino 5.0 and RhinoGold 4.0.

Q: Did he say the Rhino Render uses Brazil at no extra cost?

A: Render studio has no extra cost, but Brazil is a product from another company, so you need to own a Brazil license.

Q: Can you make channels now with different size stones at once?

A: Not at the moment. But send us what do you want to do. We are open to develop new tools and improve RhinoGold.

Q: If I do a model in Rhino 5 can I use it later in Rhino 4?

A: You will be able to open it (as it’s a .3dm file) . 

Q: Are the findings in 3d? And are they parametric as well?

A: Yes, they are in 3D, they are like any other Rhino 3D model

Q: Can I find pave UV on your tutorials?

A: Yes, there are some already available but we will add more.

Q: Can you define a pattern to how the pave is filled into the space? Let's say more concentration in one area and less in another area?

A: Yes you can do it but not in a pattern way: define the gem's position manually using several parameters in order to archive your pretended result

Q: A client wants me to sculpt an animal into a piece of jewelry… Can I do this with RhinoGold?

A: It probably would be easier with the Clayoo tool for organic modeling. If you need help, just email us with the animal you want to model, and we will do our best to guide you.

Q: Can you nudge the prongs by using the arrow keys?

A: No, but you can use the mouse.

Q: Can you explain how we use the render with Brazil?

A: If you use RG Render Studio, it’s very easy. It’s just 4 steps: Select Environment, Ground Plane, Select Materials (by drag & drop or selecting the object and later the material) and define the resolution. You can also check some videos on My RhinoGold about the render!

Q: I want to watch the tutorials. Where do I begin? Is there a specific order to watch?

A: Level 1 is the basics, then level 2 and finally the expert level 3 

Q: Can you print 2D drawings in RhinoGold?

A: Yes

Comment: Symmetry inside Clayoo would be useful to extrude two wings at the same time

A: We will add it in the next version! Thanks for the suggestion!

Q: Please can you clarify: if somebody buys RhinoGold 4, they also get Clayoo, RhinoEmboss and Brazil with RhinoGold Render Studio?

A: Everything except Brazil, only Render Studio. If you buy RhinoGold 4 you will get RhinoGold, Clayoo and RhinoEmboss. Brazil must be bought separately!

Q: Sorry I got confused, what is the difference between them?

A: Brazil is a render solution (from another company). We have an application to render more easily using Brazil (as we will do with V-Ray). The render is something “personal” and we allow users to decide what render they prefer and we just offer easier an tool to work with them.

Q: What version of Brazil do I need to utilize Render Studio?

A: The latest one.

Q: Can you hollow the ring while in Ring Wizard, or only after the ring is created?

A: Yes, but it always depends on the model whether that's the best solution.

Q: Does RhinoGold now work with Rhino 5?

A: Yep, RhinoGold 4.0 was developed for Rhino 5

Q: Does RhinoGold 4.0 also work with Windows 7?

A: Yes, no problems at all

Q: What does interpolate mean?

A: Over the surface, following its orientation

Q: What was the part about people moving models on your own website again?

A: It’s about rendering. You can render, save it as .jpeg or .png format and publish it on your website. Or there is the possibility to create a 3D render (that allows the visitor to rotate the design). See here.

Q: Is it necessary for everyone to upgrade to RhinoGold 4.0?

A: Updating is always optional but highly recommended.


To purchase RhinoGold 4.0, Rhino 5.0, Brazil or to upgrade RhinoGold or Rhino, check out our extensive catalog.

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