Novedge Clayoo Webinar: Q&A with Rafael Del Molino

January 09, 2013 3 min read

Our 61st webinar on Clayoo was so engaging, we simply ran out of time during the Q&A. Rafael Del Molino of TDM Solutions agreed to answer what he didn't get to reply to last month.

Webinar #61

Q: Assume that I have a model already created in Clayoo and then the engineering group has a change in just part of the profile. If they send me a curve that represents a change of just part of the surface of my completed model will Clayoo allow surfaces to snap to the newly supplied curve? 

Rafael Del Molino: Yes we can adjust the model using the match to curve tool to do it

Q: Once the ring was done and converted into NURBS was it possible to work inside the finger area and build a nice bump into it? Called comfort fit.

Rafael Del Molino:Yes it is possible to do everything after converting the model to NURBS, it will be a Rhino object and all the Rhino tools can be used as well.

Q:No Mac version planned yet?

Rafael Del Molino:As soon as Rhino has a Mac version, Clayoo will have one too.

Q:Do I have to convert in NURBS to export as an STL?

Rafael Del Molino:No, we can export to STL directly from a Clayoo mesh.

Q:Is it possible here to split straight?

Rafael Del Molino:This functionality is in our to do list for the next version but now you can adjust the faces subdivisions to divide them as you want with the extract command, so we can say yes.

Q:Dimension wise can we increment motions in 1 direction? Let's say I wanted to set a thickness for this spoon, is there an easy way to enter a value?

Rafael Del Molino:Yes we can define a value for the thickness using the shell tool for example.

Q:Free support? For life?

Rafael Del Molino:Yes, even before you buy it.

Q:This looks very similar to T-splines – is it ? What are the differences?

Rafael Del Molino:We don’t compare Clayoo with any product.

Q:Can you import a mesh into Clayoo?

Rafael Del Molino:Yes, using the tool create by mesh you can do it. Or you can use retopology command to create a Clayoo surface from your mesh with the desired topology.

Q:Is Clayoo scriptable with Python?

Rafael Del Molino:We are wide open to give that option to our users, but which functionalities do you want to use in Python?

Q: Will there be any Grasshopper add-on related to Clayoo in the near future?

Rafael Del Molino:We are wide open to building Grasshopper Clayoo components. Which functionalities do you want to use within Grasshopper?

Q: Clayoo to Rhino works fine. What about Rhino srf to Clayoo srf?

Rafael Del Molino:We can use the create by surface tool to do it but if we need details or to define the subdivisions we can use the retopology tool.

Q:How accurate is shelling or offset? Is it good enough for manufacturing?

Rafael Del Molino:It depends what sector are we talking about but, if we need more accuracy, we can use the Rhino tools to do it.

Q:Can we choose lines that will be bordered to NURBS surfaces?

Rafael Del Molino:Yes, after converting the Clayoo model to NURBS.

Q:Are you using keyboard numbers to change the # of faces?

Rafael Del Molino:No, we change them in the command parameters.

Q:Can you change a NURBS surface to a Clayoo Object?

Rafael Del Molino:Yes, we can use the create by surface tool to do it but if we need detail or to define the subdivisions we can use the retopology tool.

Q:Can the control points of a Clayoo object snap to, say, the endpoint of a line?

Rafael Del Molino:No, but it will be added to the next version.

Q:When he selected a face I didn't see where you can type in numerical values to move the face, edge or point specific distances. Same with scale and rotate.

Rafael Del Molino:For the moment is not possible but that will be added on the next version.

Q:Any ability to snap selections to curves, faces, edges?

Rafael Del Molino:Yes, We can snap the selection with the selection mode.

Q:Does Clayoo have symmetry?

Rafael Del Molino:At the moment we can use the mirror from rhino with the record history activated to do symmetry, but we are working in other options.

Q:Is it possible to view in Zebra?

Rafael Del Molino:Yes, all the surface analyses tools can be used.     


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