modo 401 Pushes the Limits of Rendering and Animation

July 07, 2009 2 min read

modo has been improved in so many ways that is almost impossible to list everything here

On June 23 Luxology released the latest version of its 3D modeling, rendering, and animation product: modo 401. The version 4 of modo arrived about a year and a half after the release of version 3. modo has been improved in so many ways that is almost impossible to list everything here. Luxology prepared an impressive 14 page guide to the new features of modo 401 with tons of videos and amazing pictures. Among the several new and improved features: better motion blur, stereoscopic rendering, shadow catcher shader, selective radiosity type, volumetric lighting, lights linking, anisotropy mapping, and blurry refractions. The visual quality of the results of modo is very impressive and should rapidly convince everyone about the caliber of the software, as well as of the technical skills and determination of the development team (for more detailed information you can read my interview with Luxology CEO Brad Peebler). modo's rendering is so good that major CAD companies like SolidWorks have licensed the technology from Luxology to offer it to their customers.

SolidWorks licensed Luxology's rendering technology from

My recommendation is to take the time to go through the Luxology pages, learn about modo, and watch out for the upcoming trial version. As soon as the demo version of modo 401 is available we will add it to our website for all the visitors. Don't forget to take a look at Marc Hermitte review of modo written for "It's Art" online magazine and website.

Franco Folini

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Franco Folini
Franco Folini

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