Introducing Bluebeam Revu 21: New Markup, Measurement and Collaboration Features for Enhanced Efficiency in Construction Projects

October 26, 2023 2 min read

Introducing Bluebeam Revu 21: New Markup, Measurement and Collaboration Features for Enhanced Efficiency in Construction Projects

Enhancing Efficiency in Construction Projects with Bluebeam Revu 21's New Features

Bluebeam, a leading developer of services and solutions for professionals in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries, recently announced updates to its flagship desktop solution - Revu 21. This is a significant milestone as the new release incorporates several powerful customer-requested improvements that are designed to add value and address specific needs for all subscription plans.

New Markup and Measurement Features

Revu 21's latest release (version 21.0.50) introduces new markup and measurement features that are available on all Bluebeam plans (Basics, Core, Complete). These features are designed to enhance efficiency and ease of use in construction projects. Some of the key highlights include:

  • Create multiple offset copies of markups and measurements with the 'Multiply' feature. This is perfect for quickly scaling up count measurements and creating forms and grids for your construction project.
  • Display custom measurement captions with data from the Markups List directly on the drawing itself. This is designed to communicate important information more easily.
  • Accurately communicate the center point of your markups, both visually and with precise coordinates, and add them to the Markups List. This helps in providing more accurate data and insights.

Improved Collaboration Features for Guests

Apart from these, the update also brings robust collaboration features for guest users invited to a Studio Session. Now, guest collaborators have more markup capabilities, including additional colors, Stamps, Snapshot, Cloud+, and Highlight features. This is aimed at enabling better cooperation and teamwork on construction projects.

"Bluebeam is focused on a customer-centric approach to innovation, and a key facet of that is delivering features that directly address customer needs," said Bluebeam CEO Usman Shuja. "We want to meet customers where they are, and when they tell us they need something to make their jobs simpler, we put that on the roadmap and work hard to address those needs. This October release is just the beginning of what we have planned to drive value for our customers and partners."

Bluebeam pushes the boundaries of innovation, developing smart, simple project efficiency, and collaboration solutions for design and construction professionals worldwide. Since 2002, Bluebeam has made desktop, mobile, and cloud-based solutions for paperless workflows that improve project communication and streamline processes across the entire project lifecycle. Trusted by over 3 million individuals in more than 160 countries, Bluebeam’s solutions advance the way professionals work, manage and collaborate on projects digitally. 

As a premier software provider for professionals in the design and construction industries, Bluebeam's latest product updates illustrate the company's commitment to user-centric innovation. For more information about the latest and most advanced design software technology, please contact our sales team at NOVEDGE.

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