How to Succeed in Architecture: The future of the Workplace Design.

December 04, 2014 3 min read

When you need to get a glimpse of the future, you just need to ask an Architect.
He or She, will take you there.
The four Architects that starred on our Google Hangout On Air, guided us through a new concept of workplace environment.

They showed us the way, in this entertaining live broadcast.


Side effects: many people who watched this hangout developed "Cubicle Intolerance" or "Office Envy" shortly after. Redesigning your workspace might help.

A little bit about our panelists: How to Succeed in Architecture -  Innovative Workplace DesignGreg Mottola, Rosa Sheng, Olle Lundberg, Doug Mehl.


Olle Lundberg – Olle Lundberg Design

In Olle's portfolio: Twitter Headquarters,  Autodesk Headquarters, plenty residential Architecture, Bus Shelters, Anchor Steam expansion and everything in between.

Fun Fact.Things you find visiting Lundberg Design Studio: a functioning Metal Shop, a Hot Sauce Bunker, a Pool Table.

Rosa Sheng and Greg Mottola- Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

With credits that include: the Pixar Headquarters, the Square Headquarters and 35 Apple Store around the world.

Fun fact. The New York Apple Store has now become an Instagram Landmark #applestorenycIMG_0022

Image by Fletcher6 under creative commons license.

Doug Mehl – Fennie+Mehl Architects. 

Call to fame: designed corporate offices for Box, Equinix, Pocket, AppDynamics, GitHub just to name a few.

Fun fact: the reception area of  the Git Hub Headquarters is an exact replica of the Oval Office. How is that for a metaphore? 1st Floor Oval Office

And now let's get down to the our Top Ten  list of favorite Design features for the Workplace.

10. The Communal Spaces. 

Say goodbye to the cubicle forever. Forget  partitions and forget private offices . 

9. The Family Style Desks. 

Family stile desks are all the rage. Working with someone has never been so literal.

8.The Floor Plans.

Boulevards are not just for the outside but run throughout the office area. Take a stroll, stop at your favorite coffee shop, meet your colleagues on the street, without leaving work. The floor plan mimics the city.

7. The Outdoor Gardens.

 Green oases and vegetable gardens became work space extensions. Get outside, smell the roses.

6. The Reclaimed Materials.

The pine wood floor of a bowling alley gets a second life as the front desk at Twitter. If that's not a strike, we don't know what is! Lundberg Design - Twitter Headquarters5. The Spaces for Every Mood.

 Zen Rooms, Yoga Rooms or Speak Easy Parlors. Just say the word OMMMMM…..

4. The Cafeterias.

Nothing like a Hogwarts Style cafeteria to put a little magic into your working day. Owls not included. 1st Floor Cafe

3. The Cabanas.

We absolutely love the Coder Caves , the Cabanas and every kind of Nook. The only thing we did not see is a Tree House. Twitter can you hear us…?

2The Secret Bookshelves.

Film Noir and humor make a great combination. Thanks for bringing mystery back with secret passageways.

1.  The Conference Room Swing.

It's not quite the sand box but it's perfect for sharing toys and ideas. More meeting please! Lundberg Design - Autodesk 02 - K M Dale Tan

 If you would like to watch other Hangouts on Air from Novedge head over to our You Tube Channel, there are plenty to chose from and they will give you good ideas on How to Succeed in Architecture. 





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Barbara D'Aloisio
Barbara D'Aloisio

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