How to Save Money on Vectorworks 2015

September 19, 2014 3 min read

Is it just me or does this new version of Vectorworks look really, really good? Nemetschek hit the target by adding more than 100 updates and new features to Vectorworks 2015.

And as someone commented on YouTube, and I am quoting verbatim:"64 bit? Yupiii!!! Yupiiii !!!"

I know what you must be thinking by now…how much is this all going to set me back? Here's where Novedge can help: whether you are new to Vectorworks or want an upgrade and missed the opportunity to add VSS to your existing Vectorworks license, you have options. 

First let me remind you that we are not allowed to display our best price online, so make sure to call us at 866.362.8970 or email us to receive a personalized quote and maximize your savings.

Now, let's take a look at your options.


You Need to Upgrade

This year all upgrades to Vectorworks 2015 are actually more affordable than they were last year, and break down into four main categories:

– Upgrade from Vectorworks 2011 or older [as of 09/24 we have a new special offer, read all about it here]

– Upgrade from Vectorworks 2012

– Upgrade from Vectorworks 2013

– Upgrade from Vectorworks 2014

Check out all your options on our website, under the Upgrade tab.

You Want to Upgrade and Add VSS

I always recommend adding Vectorworks Service Select (VSS) to your license as it ends up paying for itself. Also, this year's VSS price is almost 30% less than last year's and we are currently running a promotion that will enable you to save 25% on your upgrade when purchased with VSS.

This can translate in savings of hundreds of dollars, so don't miss it. Here's our Vectorworks catalog. To make sure you receive the lowest quote for exactly what you need, I highly recommend calling 866.362.8970 or emailing my colleague Bob Thayer

You Need a New Network License

Let's put it this way…Vectorworks offers a better deal on Network Licenses than most of its competitors. So you can feel good about supporting the team behind Vectorworks 2015. For a list of available Netowrk Licenses, click on the Floating Licenses tab on our website. And don't hesitate to ask if you have questions.

You are New to Vectorworks

Great! I gather that you have finally decided to switch to Vectorworks because you want BIM That Works for You, or maybe you took the leap to start your own business. You came to the right place: Novedge offers some of the most competitive prices in the design software world and we'll be happy to help you get started. Browse our site and get in touch with Bob Thayer, our Vectorworks Specialist, to receive a quote. Bob has helped thousands of professionals just like you purchase the best software for their budget, so you'll be in good hands.


We are also planning a webinar about the new Vectorworks with our favorite CAD Guru, Johnathan Pickup, for October 15. As always, our Novedge Webinar will be free and will last one hour, including a live Q&A session. Mark October 15 on your calendar and register here to learn more about Vectorworks 2015.

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