Get Rhino 6 and Gain Access to Rhinoceros 5 for Windows or Mac.

March 05, 2018 1 min read

Great News for the Rhino Community!

Did you know that when purchasing a Rhino 6 Commercial or Educational single-user license,  you are also entitled to run Rhino 5 for Windows or Rhino 5 for Mac, on the same computer? As you buy a new Rhino 6 from Novedge,  you also get access to a Rhino 5 license key. 

Do you already own a Rhino License and are interested in upgrading to Rhino 6 ? We have great news for you too:

  • upgrade before May 15th and get a $120 discount ;
  • when you upgrade to Rhino 6, you will still be able to hold on to your older version. 

Upgrade, save, and keep working on your projects without the stress of waiting for your favorite Rhino plugins to catch up!

This is a win win situation and a very generous offer from McNeel that allows you to keep designing without interruptions. Rhino 6 Instagram

We think this is a sweet deal especially for Mac enthusiasts. By getting a full Rhino 6 license now, you can use Rhino 5 for Mac right away, and transition to Rhino 6 when the Mac version becomes available.

At no additional cost!

If you have any questions about this process feel free to talk to us by calling 866 362 8970 ext.704. 


Barbara D'Aloisio
Barbara D'Aloisio

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