Explore the Latest Enhancements in KeyShot 2023.3: Color Workflow, GPU Performance Mode, and More

November 14, 2023 3 min read

Explore the Latest Enhancements in KeyShot 2023.3: Color Workflow, GPU Performance Mode, and More

For designers, artists, and professionals seeking to bring their visualizations to life with the highest fidelity, KeyShot has long been a go-to solution. The recent release of KeyShot 2023.3 introduces a suite of new features and enhancements, focusing on color workflows, GPU performance, and other user experience improvements. In this overview, we'll delve into the significant updates integrated into the latest version of KeyShot and discuss how they can elevate your rendering and animation workflow.

Color as a Standalone Asset

Color management is an integral part of the design process. With KeyShot 2023.3, colors are now treated as standalone assets, providing a unified approach to color usage across different materials and scenes. The new instance-based color system means that any color adjustments are universally reflected, streamlining the color-management process and ensuring consistency across your project.

Multi-Colors and Color Mode

The introduction of "Multi-color" instances parallels the concept of Multi-Materials, allowing for an array of color options to be stored and applied seamlessly. Additionally, the new Color Mode dedicates the user interface to color management, minimizing distractions and enabling designers to concentrate on creating the perfect palette for their scenes.

Natural Color Systems & Other Color Libraries

KeyShot 2023.3 welcomes the Natural Color Systems (NCS) library, which emphasizes human color perception for an authentic and scientifically sound range of colors. This adds to an already robust set of color libraries, including Coloro and updated RAL and PANTONE® collections, enhancing the ability to match real-world colors accurately.

GPU Performance Mode Updates

Artists requiring high-speed renderings will appreciate the new GPU Performance Mode. This mode optimizes scene load times and rendering speeds, in some cases doubling performance, allowing you to iterate designs more rapidly and reduce time to final image.

ACES Image Feature and Light Solo Mode

KeyShot 2023.3 introduces the ACES image feature, offering a filmic look to renders while preserving intense color hues. Light Solo Mode is another productivity-enhancing feature, enabling users to isolate and fine-tune individual light sources without losing sight of the overall scene composition.

The KeyShot Colorway Design Challenge

The update also brings an opportunity for users to showcase their creativity with the KeyShot 2023 Colorway Design Challenge. Participants will leverage the new color capabilities to produce unique visual concepts, with the chance to win valuable prizes, including a year of KeyShot Pro, and more.

These enhancements demonstrate Luxion's commitment to providing cutting-edge tools that keep pace with the evolving needs of designers and visual artists. The improvements in color management and GPU performance alone are set to significantly improve efficiency and creative possibilities.

As you navigate the rich feature set of KeyShot 2023.3, consider complementing your toolkit with Rhino 3D for versatile modeling or Pixologic ZBrush for intricate sculpting. Both software suites offer excellent compatibility with KeyShot, ensuring a smooth pipeline for bringing your designs to life.


The latest release of KeyShot 2023.3 marks a significant step forward in rendering software technology, offering enhanced color workflows, improved GPU performance, and numerous user experience upgrades. For those looking to explore the newest and most advanced design software technology, we encourage you to contact our sales team at NOVEDGE for more information and to see how these tools can benefit your creative process.

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