Design Better Products and Faster with the New Creo 8

April 28, 2021 2 min read

Design Better Products  and Faster with the New Creo 8

Chaos Vantage

Creo 8 helps you design better products faster. Your team will appreciate the enhancements to usability and productivity, with new tools for model-based definition (MBD) and additive and subtractive manufacturing. Creo 8 continues to build upon new simulation and generative design capabilities.

What's New in Creo 8?

Usability and productivity

In the new Creo 8, workflows are streamlined with improved dashboards and model tree interfaces, and Snapshot makes it easy to review interim designs. Enhancements in hole features, routed systems, sheet metal and Render Studio will have you completing your work in record time. And now you can leverage inseparable assemblies for even easier management of purchased components.

Model-based definition (MBD) and detailing improvements

Creo 8 also has new and powerful MBD and detailing tools, to help you create rich CAD models that become the source authority for manufacturing, inspection, and your supply chain. Creo 8 streamlines the workflow to reduce time, errors, and cost, while you improve quality across the enterprise. And you can now apply geometric dimensioning and tolerancing for assemblies, with the updated GD&T Advisor Plus extension. Detailing capabilities have also been enhanced, with new sketching tools to easily convey design intent.

Enhancements to simulation and generative design

Creo 8 helps you leverage the latest CAD technologies for high-quality, innovative designs. Creo’s cuttingedge generative design tools get even better with automatic envelope, draft-handling, and radius constraints. Enhancements to Creo Simulation Live provide steady-state flow analysis for real-time simulation during the design process. New Creo Ansys Simulation tools enable improved mesh and deflection control for high-fidelity design validation

Advances in additive and subtractive manufacturing

Creo 8 helps you easily optimize your designs for additive and traditional manufacturing. With the new additive capabilities, you can use advanced lattice structures to minimize weight. You can apply variable lattice structures based on simulation results. Enhancements to the builddirection and tray setup can increase production speed and build quality. For subtractive manufacturing, Creo 8 simplifies the programing of five-axis, high-speed milling toolpaths, resulting in reduced set-up and machining time

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What's New in Creo *?

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PTC Creo 8.0 Design Essentials

PTC Creo 8.0 Design Essentials - Subscription

PTC Creo 8.0 Design Advanced

PTC Creo 8.0 Design Advanced - Subscription 

PTC Creo Simulation Live - 1 Year Subscription

PTC Creo Simulation Live - 1 Year Subscription

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