Creo Power User: The Best of Creo 4 Extensions.

September 06, 2017 3 min read

Andrew Leedy is a “virtual technical specialist” at PTC, which means he carries out demos. Lots of them. Whether someone needs to see how the basic Creo package works, or wants insights on the new additive manufacturing extension, Leedy delivers. Leedy-cover2
As a result, he’s come to know Creo better than most people. And in fact, he’s host of the Novedge Webinar focusing on the new Creo Extensions this month.  You canlearn more about it here.

Here’s a quick peek at what Leedy thinks everyone should know about Creo 4 and its extensions:

Novedge: What are your favorite new features in Creo 4?

Leedy: There are a lot of features in Creo 4 that I was very excited to see. At my office we do a lot of 3D printing, so the ability to add in lattice structure with the Additive Manufacturing Extension has been very beneficial. We also have the ability to set up our trays and print directly from Creo to our Stratasys printer with the new printer integration. Tray-assyI also have to give a special shot-out to some of the new ui enhancements. Box-select and the left click mini-toolbar, just as two examples, make things a lot faster!

Novedge: Tell us just 5 things you wish everyone knew about Creo’s new extensions.

Leedy: There are many new improvements on some older extensions as well as some new extensions everyone should know about.

Flexible modeling can now be used with sheet metal parts, and you can now identify sheet metal-specific features. This allows you to easily change the types of bend reliefs in your part or a bend radius and puts them in your design objects tree, regardless of whether your part is an import or a Creo-built part. Bend-relief-menu

.Obj files can be imported into Creo Freestyle as a primitive, allowing them to easily work with other sub-divisional modeling tools.


A new Creo extension called GD&T advisor supports guided creation of semantically valid GD&T. This allows users to fully constrain their model geometry while also lending a helping hand on how to apply the GD&T to comply to ASME or ISO standards.

The Intelligent fastener extension supports the ability to control your hole creation. It can be set to either make the whole an assembly cut, a part cut, or even has an option to create no hole at all. Hole-visibility-option

Creo Interactive Service Design Extension supports the ability to apply G3 acceleration connections for curves and surfaces in Creo 4, allowing the curves to be a lot smoother than before. CurveNovedge: There is currently a promotion going on with Creo that allows you to choose three of these Extensions. Can you help me announce it?

Leedy: The current promotion allows you to trade in your existing Creo perpetual license and subscribe to a Creo Parametric Essentials package to choose 3 out of the 4 of the following extensions: Interactive Surface Design, Simulation, Piping & Cabling, and Additive Manufacturing. It also offers E-Learning, the Design Exploration Extension, and the Human Factors Extension.

Learn more about Creo Extensions: watch the Webinar

Leedy has a lot more to say about Creo, as you might imagine. What else can you do with new and updated extensions in Creo 4? Watch the recording of our live Novedge Webinar. You’ll learn abouthow the following extensions can unlock value for your business: Interactive Surface Design Extension (ISDX); Piping and Cabling Extension (PCX); Simulation Extension; Additive Manufacturing Extension. Leedy will take questions. Plus, we’ll tell you how you can get some extensions free when you purchase a subscription license.


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