Big News for the Delivery of all Rhinoceros Products

February 03, 2015 2 min read

Are you confused about the Rhino digital delivery? Well, you are not alone. Here at Novedge we have received a few inquiries about the New Rhino digital delivery . Our customers often felt cheated or that there had been a mistake processing the order. This is what happened during the past year: many were disappointed in receiving just a code, instead of a DVD safely nested in its case. The confusion was also heightened by these bulky, and yet "empty" envelopes the code came in (whose shipping one had to pay for). IMG_0247

But everything has changed now and here's the news: all the Rhino deliveries from now on, are going to be fully digital. That means no more shipping and no more long waits. After we process the order (usually a couple of hours on business days- we rest on weekends), you will be able to enjoy your Rhinoceros products right away. How great is that? DigitalDelivery

This is the sample email you will receive  as son as your order is processed. Light, simple, tidy and fast.

If you are not convinced this change will be for the best, we would like to point out few of the benefits of the digital download.

  • No more landfills.When you ordered 50 upgrades you would get 50 identical DVDs that would come in a heavy box you had to pay shipping for. Box and DVDs would eventually end in the local landfill- with things like manuals and the yellow pages…..
  • Rebuttal. DVDs provided a sense of security.
  • Updated Service Release. If you download you will always get the latest service release. Like the printed page, DVDs don't get updated.
  • Rebuttal.What if you find yourself in need of modifying a design on site (in a mountainous place with no wi-fi)…….. ?
  • You can copy the download into a USB. It will be like a DVD, but it will fit in your pocket. And it won't get scratched.
  • Rebuttal.USB drives can get jammed with lint and god knows what else…
  • No Slots.If you acquired  a computer lately, chances are it won't even have a slot for DVDs.
  • No rebuttal.


We still recommend to safely store your activation code, maybe take a picture of it. If you hold on to your activation code, you can always go to the McNeel's website and access to the software easily and conveniently.

Here at Novedge, we are very excited to bring you one step closer to your Rhino Product of choice. So please come check out Rhinoceros, Bongo , Flamingo , Penguin  or Brazil . Our price is right and the short wait is priceless!




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Barbara D'Aloisio
Barbara D'Aloisio

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