AECO Space: Finally a Global Platform for AEC Professionals!

July 20, 2023 3 min read

AECO Space: Finally a Global Platform for AEC Professionals!

NOVEDGE : Tell us a little bit about AECO Space and what you do?

AECO Space: AECO Spaceis a technology startup  serving the architectural, engineering and construction industries since 2018.  We operate in more than 12 markets, disrupting the traditional approach to using technologies in the creative and proptech domains.  Our brand promise is built around three main pillars:  

 • TECHNOLOGY: Distributing the latest technologies that have the best balance of price, quality and efficiency 

 • EDUCATION: Creating educational and training content to empower creators enhance their workflows and be more         competitive   

 • COMMUNITY: Bringing creators, studios and clients from the architectural and construction industries in a mutually beneficial ecosystem 

NOVEDGE : How did the idea come about?

AECO Space: The architecture and construction sector has been hit hard by Covid-19 and the deepening economic recession that followed. During these challenging times all players in the industry turn to new channels for learning and collaboration in order to be successful. Our company has been focused on software sales and software education till now, and over the past five years we’ve  connected countless professionals who wanted to get in touch with business partners, clients and employers.  That’s how the idea of a global platform was born. So, at the end of 2021 we received a first round of funding and started developing a platform for job-sharing, business listing and networking, allowing hundreds of architects, engineers and clients to  build a community and a project-sharing ecosystem. We want to help the AEC sector become truly global and move beyond borders. 

NOVEDGE : What specific services do you offer to your clients?

AECO Space: The AECO Space platform allows users to:    

 • Create talent and company profiles that enable them to have a great online presence   

 • Search for jobs    

 • Post job ads  

  • Commission projects   

 • Find trainings and events   

 • Connect with companies and professionals in the AEC space

NOVEDGE : What kind of professionals can best benefit from these services and why?

AECO Space: 

• AEC professionals and businesses from all global locations can create a profile and get listed on the platform. This makes them easily discoverable by potential employers, business partners and clients. 

• The AECO Space Platform is especially valuable for AEC companies who are looking to employ full-time employees and freelancers. The platform provides them with multiple options to: 

◦ search for talents using advanced criteria;

 ◦ bookmark talent profiles;

 ◦ create saved searches based on predefined recruitment criteria; 

◦ post unlimited number of job ads within their chosen subscription period  ;

• Companies that create educational content for AEC professionals will also find the Platform useful as they can publish ads for their courses, workshops and events. 

NOVEDGE : What are the strategies and tools you use to connect professionals in the industry?

AECO Space: Apart from informing all our current clients about the Platform’s capabilities and potential, we are also building a broad global network of partners worldwide who are promoting the Platform.  We are also in touch with multiple professional architectural and engineering associations and chambers that explain the benefits of joining AECO Space to their members.


NOVEDGE : How do you evaluate the professionals seeking to be featured on your platform?

AECO Space: When creating a Talent Profile, we encourage all talents to list their education and certification, as well as add a thorough project portfolio showcasing their skills. This enables employers to filter through the right candidates with ease and start a conversation with Talents who have a complete profile. At a future stage of development, we will also add a rating system that allows users of the platform to rate their experience with Talents and Companies.   

NOVEDGE :Do you have any examples of great partnerships fostered by AECO Space?

AECO Space: Since the release of the platform just a month ago, we’ve established a great partnership with Novedge that has enabled us to present the AECO Space Platform to a global audience. We are looking forward to establishing great partnerships with the architectural and engineering associations worldwide.

Check out our Novedge Webinar recording with AECO Space creator Deyan Evlogiev and get a complete overview of the new global platform, including how to create a free profile on the platform and start networking. 


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