Advantages of Bluebeam: 10 Reasons That Set It Apart!

August 17, 2023 2 min read

Advantages of Bluebeam: 10 Reasons That Set It Apart!

What sets Bluebeam apart in the global builder community? Delve into the following reasons that make it the preferred option:

1.Seamless Collaboration:
Bluebeam excels at enhancing communication and productivity through real-time collaborative markups and comments. It fosters a cohesive collaborative environment for remote teams and professionals dispersed across various locations.

2. Advanced PDF Mastery:
Bluebeam elevates PDF capabilities, allowing you to create, edit, mark up, and collaborate on project documents with finesse. Its array of features, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), PDF form creation, redaction, and CAD to PDF conversion, makes it a standout choice for construction and AECO professionals.

3. Effortless Document Management:
Centralized document management becomes effortless with Bluebeam. The software enables easy organization within a project database, creation of custom folders, seamless navigation through extensive document sets, and swift text or metadata searches.

4. Tailored Workspace and Toolsets:
Adaptability is a core strength of Bluebeam. The software offers the flexibility to tailor your workspace through personalized tool sets, profiles, and keyboard shortcuts, aligning perfectly with individual preferences and project needs.

5. Precision Measurement Tools:
Bluebeam empowers accurate quantity takeoffs and estimating through its measurement tools. Measuring distances, areas, and volumes on digital documents becomes a breeze, supplemented by custom scale creation. Extracting quantities for detailed takeoffs supports precise cost estimation and compelling bids.

6. Integrated Workflow:
Streamlined workflows are achieved through Bluebeam's compatibility with other common AECO software solutions like ProjectWise, Revit, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft SharePoint, enhancing efficiency in diverse tasks.

7. User-Friendly Interface:
Bluebeam boasts an accessible interface that caters to both technical and non-technical users. Its intuitive design ensures that anyone can swiftly learn and navigate the software.

8. Versatility Across Devices: 
Bluebeam extends its capabilities across various devices and platforms, providing access to documents and work on desktop, web, and mobile. With Revu for desktop and Bluebeam Cloud for web and mobile, you can seamlessly view, edit, and collaborate on the go.

9. Comprehensive Support: 
Bluebeam offers comprehensive support resources, including expert technical assistance through phone and email, a rich online knowledge base, and on-demand access to the extensive Bluebeam University training courses.

10. Flexible Plans:
With three plan options that can be mixed and matched, Bluebeam accommodates a range of user needs, making it an appealing choice for businesses of all sizes.

Bluebeam Revu 21 is now available in three plans: Bluebeam Basics, Bluebeam Core, and Bluebeam Complete.
The only way to access the new Revu 21, from now on, will be through subscription!

Feel free to call our Bluebeam Experts at 866 362 8970 ext.704or email calvin@novedge.comif you have more questions about the Bluebeam transition, to find out more about Bluebeam Permanent Licenses, or to request a quote.


Bluebeam Plans 

Bluebeam Basics - Annual Subscription

Bluebeam Basics  Annual Subscription

Bluebeam Core - Annual Subscription

Bluebeam Core Annual Subscription

Bluebeam Complete - Annual Subscription

Bluebeam Complete

Annual Subscription

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