Unlock Next-Level Studio Lighting with HDR Live Studio 8

June 01, 2023 1 min read

Unlock Next-Level Studio Lighting with HDR Live Studio 8


Are you a professional digital artist who wants to unlock next-level studio lighting? Then HDRI Studio 8 is the perfect tool for you! This revolutionary software introduces a new lighting technique called scrim lights that studio photographers widely use to create realistic and beautiful lighting effects. With its simple and intuitive user interface, HDRI Studio 8 makes it easier than ever to set up and adjust your lights for any photography project.

The great thing about scrim lights is that you can adjust them using the top and front views, which can be changed in terms of position, size, angle spread, and light source type. Additionally, the Light Paint tool now includes features like positioning lights, changing brightness of lights, adjusting area light distance, and more for faster light art direction within the visual space. 

So if you're looking to discover new ways of creating stunning images with optimum illumination, then look no further than HDRI Studio 8! With its powerful tools at your disposal, you can create beautiful photos with ease. Unlock next-level studio lighting today with HDR Live Studio!

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