PowerPoint Engineering: "We're smart people doing smart things in the dumbest way possible."

January 05, 2024 1 min read

Canvas GFX

Video From YouTube: Canvas GFX

Join Canvas GFX for an insightful dive into the unexpected realities of modern engineering. Discover how a team of brilliant minds tackles complex challenges using tools that might seem surprisingly simple. This engaging discussion unveils how often engineers spend their time in presentation software instead of hands-on problem-solving. The conversation, led by industry experts Patricia Hume, Lauren Rall, and Matthew Rall, alongside a firsthand account from Eliannah Linehan, sheds light on the contrasts between job expectations and actual tasks, highlighting the importance of adaptability in the engineering field. Expect a candid exploration of workplace dynamics and a touch of humor in navigating professional terrain. Tune in for an eye-opening look at the ingenuity behind the scenes.

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