Mastering KeyShot's Latest Color Workflow Enhancements for Design Projects

December 14, 2023 2 min read

Mastering KeyShot's Latest Color Workflow Enhancements for Design Projects

Mastering KeyShot's Latest Color Workflow Enhancements for Design Projects

Color serves as a fundamental component in design, shaping both the aesthetic appeal and the communication of ideas. The recent KeyShot 2023.3 update introduces powerful new color workflow features that designers can harness to create vivid, accurate color variations in their projects. These tools enhance collaboration and present a simplified process for conveying design intentions to stakeholders and manufacturers alike.

Step 1: Creating a Multi-Color via the Color Picker

The innovation begins with the ability to create Multi-Colors. Just like Multi-Materials, Multi-Colors can be formed by selecting a part and navigating to the Material Properties. From here, the color window is accessed, displaying options such as Color or Diffuse based on the material type. A new addition is the fanned-out swatch book icon which opens a Sub-Color list to manage different color choices for your Multi-Color.

Step 2: Adding Colors to Your Multi-Color

Addition of colors to the Sub-Color list can be handled in several intuitive ways: creating a color from scratch, adopting colors from existing swatches, or incorporating specific hues from KeyShot's integrated color libraries like Pantone or NCS. Each method ensures precision and ease when creating a palette for your design.

Step 3: Creating Color Ways using your Multi-Colors

With Multi-Colors ready, the Color Mode workspace can be activated from the ribbon, streamlining the interface to focus on colors. The Colorway panel allows for the creation and editing of colorways by combining the defined Multi-Colors. New colorways are easily generated and customized, making it simple to visualize a variety of color schemes for a design.

Step 4: Render Colorways via the Render Queue

Finalizing your design's colorways is as simple as queuing them up for rendering. KeyShot's Render window includes an option to add all selected colorways to the queue, offering a seamless process to obtain high-quality visuals of each color variant.


KeyShot 2023.3's color workflow enhancements empower designers to quickly and accurately develop colorways, facilitating a robust Color Material Finish (CMF) workflow. These advancements allow for the generation of a wide array of imagery, which is essential for engaging stakeholders and streamlining the manufacturing process.

For those who are exploring or are currently integrating KeyShot into their design workflow, you may also consider other compatible and complementary software available from NOVEDGE. For example, enhancing your 3D models in Rhino 3D before bringing them into KeyShot can be beneficial. Furthermore, managing complex geometries with the aid of xNURBS could add value to your design process, ensuring compatibility when transitioning to KeyShot for rendering.

For additional insights and information about the newest and most advanced design software technology, we encourage you to contact our knowledgeable sales team at NOVEDGE.

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