Unleash the Beat: How to Elevate Your Music Videos with Boris FX Continuum 2024's Audio Visualizer

December 14, 2023 3 min read

Unleash the Beat: How to Elevate Your Music Videos with Boris FX Continuum 2024's Audio Visualizer

Music is a complete sensory experience where auditory stimulation is only part of the journey. For creators seeking to infuse their music videos with visually dynamic elements, Boris FX Continuum 2024 has introduced the Audio Visualizer, a potent tool that translates audio beats into captivating graphics. As music sets the tone, the Audio Visualizer ensures the visuals are in perfect harmony.

With Boris FX Continuum's Audio Visualizer, one can elevate their music videos effortlessly through a multitude of preset animations available in the FX editor. These can be previewed and synced with selected audio, enabling customized changes within a user-friendly specialized effects workspace. This feature-rich plugin allows for a seamless melding of sounds with sight, creating a synchronized display of auditory and visual stimuli to captivate audiences.

Designing the Visual Experience

The process begins by selecting a tune and a style, which is where the creativity truly flows. Boris FX Continuum's Audio Visualizer offers different visualizer modes to mirror the music's beat. From vibrant hues to entrancing effects like polar warp, the creativity is limitless. The visualizer can be adjusted further with built-in mirroring effects, peak hold, film glow, and even 3D DVE to enhance the depth and dynamism of the visuals.

One of the most powerful features lies in the integration with footage. Thanks to the award-winning Mocha planar tracker, the visualizer can be attached to any footage, bringing the world of music and motion into a singular realm. The BCC+ Audio Visualizer, a part of Boris FX Continuum 2024, is readily available, and professionals can dive in with a free trial or extend their subscription at the official Boris FX website.

Deploying Audio Visualizer in Your Workflow

The versatility of the Audio Visualizer is not limited to a single software environment. It functions across multiple hosts that Continuum 2024 supports, including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Vegas, among others.

Applying the visualizer is a straightforward process. Users can simply drag and drop it onto their clip, select an external audio file, and watch as the visualizer springs to life, pulsating in sync with the music. A quick exploration through the FX editor reveals a wealth of presets that are easily adjustable to suit the creative vision.

Whether it's selecting between frequencies or waveforms, adjusting the resolution, or playing with the duration to achieve a scrolling effect, the Audio Visualizer provides the tools for precise customization. Users can experiment with different visual effects, such as taper or peak hold, adding an extra layer of complexity and depth to the visualizer.

For those looking to add a unique twist, mirror and polar warp effects can distort the visualizer, offering new perspectives and angles. This can be particularly effective when integrating the visualizer within live-action footage, where tracking and blending modes can be employed to make the visualizer part of the scene.


The Boris FX Continuum 2024's Audio Visualizer is not merely an addition to a video editor's toolkit—it's a transformative element that can redefine the music video experience. By allowing a seamless union between audio and visual elements, it provides an avenue for creativity to flourish. When further combined with other effects and treatments, the potential for creating groundbreaking music videos is endless.

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