Exploring the Top 5 Features of ARES Commander 2023 CAD Software by Graebert

October 20, 2023 2 min read

Exploring the Top 5 Features of ARES Commander 2023 CAD Software by Graebert

The world of computer-aided design (CAD) is continually evolving, with new software and updates being released regularly. One such recent addition is the ARES Commander 2023 CAD software by Graebert. Renowned for its user-friendly interface and advanced features, the newest version of this software comes with several novel features that will significantly enhance your design process.

1. Contextual Ribbons

The latest version of ARES Commander now features contextual ribbons. This means when you select certain design elements within the software, the system will automatically display a series of relevant tools. These tabs provide easy access to editing tools and functions grouped according to the type of object selected, such as editing hatches, table cells, PDF and DGN underlays, images and external references (xrefs), and annotation entities. The contextual ribbons' intelligent display system helps eliminate the time spent searching through menus, thus boosting productivity levels.

2. Link Table Data with Excel and Other Spreadsheets

The ARES Commander 2023 CAD software also allows for the linking of table data with Excel and other spreadsheet programs. Now, instead of manually transferring data from spreadsheets into drawing tables, you can simply link an entire spreadsheet or a specific group of cells for reuse in a table created in ARES Commander. This feature ensures that your table content stays up-to-date, thanks to the bi-directional link between your drawing and the spreadsheet.

3. Cycling Selection

The new cycling selection feature is another significant addition to ARES Commander 2023. This feature saves time and prevents frustration when working with overlapping or stacked entities. By hovering the mouse cursor over stacked entities, a small icon alerts you to the presence of multiple entities. Clicking to specify entities displays a dialog box, where you can select the entity you want to modify from a list. This feature allows for precise selection and editing, even in complex designs with multiple overlapping elements.

4. 3D View Navigator

The 3D View Navigator is a helpful tool for quickly switching between standard and isometric views of your model. The intuitive interface acts as a 3D orientation indicator, enabling you to see the current view direction at a glance. This feature is particularly useful while working in a 3D environment, but also proves beneficial in 2D design.

5. Pack and Go for Sheet Sets

The improved Pack and Go feature for use with sheet sets automatically compiles all sheet set references, including any images and underlays inserted in them. This feature maintains the directory structure with relative paths, ensuring that all links will remain intact when your contact unzips the project. The recipient will be able to open the main file, including all external references, inserted images, etc., without fear of losing any references.

These top five features of ARES Commander 2023 CAD software are designed to enhance productivity and streamline your design process. They demonstrate the commitment of Graebert to continually innovate and improve their software to meet the needs of CAD professionals.

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