Exploring the 8 New Features in ARES Commander 2023 by Trinity for Enhanced Collaboration

October 20, 2023 3 min read

Exploring the 8 New Features in ARES Commander 2023 by Trinity for Enhanced Collaboration

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With the advent of ARES Commander 2023, Graebert continues to redefine the boundaries of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technology. As part of the ARES Trinity of CAD, ARES Commander serves as a comprehensive suite for professional 2D and 3D CAD design, with an array of advanced tools and features designed to enhance user productivity and streamline workflow. From innovative licensing options, upgraded import/export capabilities, to more personalized user experiences, ARES Commander 2023 comes packed with 8 new features aimed at bolstering collaboration and easing the design process.

1) Share Pooled Trinity Access with Flex Cloud Licenses

ARES Commander 2023 introduces the Flex Cloud License, an innovative licensing option that allows teams of three or more users to share a Trinity license, irrespective of their geographic location. This unique feature allows for teams working remotely, at different branches of a company, or even at home to share and use the same license, thereby enhancing collaboration and reducing overall software costs.

2) Mobility Pack: A Tailored Solution for DWG Consumers

For users who need to utilize both ARES Kudo and ARES Touch, the new Mobility Pack provides a cost-effective solution. This licensing option is ideal for individuals who don't frequently produce drawings, but need to access, review, and provide input on them. Examples of such users include top-level managers approving project changes, technicians referring to drawings while performing maintenance activities, and team leaders overseeing work on-site. The Mobility Pack offers a wide array of collaboration tools, including the ability to comment on drawings using text, voice, stamps, or even pictures taken with mobile devices.

3) Seamless Access with Google or Apple Authentication

With ARES Commander 2023, users can now log in using their Google or Apple account credentials, thereby reducing the hassle of remembering separate Graebert account credentials. This social login option, along with other single sign-on options like Microsoft login for enterprise customers, ensures easy and secure access to ARES products.

4) Cloud-Friendly Open and Save Dialog Boxes

ARES Commander 2023 introduces new dialog boxes for the Open and Save commands that offer convenient access to drawing files in your cloud storage. It seamlessly integrates your local storage with the cloud, enabling you to save and open drawings directly from your cloud storage, thus facilitating better document management and collaboration.

5) Improved Permissions Dialog Box

The Permissions dialog box, which incorporates Sharing functions, has been updated in ARES Commander 2023. The changes aim at enhancing user experience with new button alignments and resizing.

6) Selective Export to PDF

ARES Commander 2023 empowers users with the ability to export only selected parts of a project to PDF. This feature is especially useful when you want to share or print only a specific portion of your drawing, thereby offering more control and flexibility to the users.

7) Print to Any Cloud Printer from ARES Touch

With ARES Commander 2023, users can print their drawings on any cloud-ready printer directly from their mobile devices. This feature supports printers compatible with Apple AirPrint or equivalent services for Android, via either Wi-Fi Direct or the cloud.

8) Convert PDF to DWG with ARES Kudo

The PDF Import feature from ARES Commander is now available in ARES Kudo, enabling users to convert PDF files to DWG online. This feature is extremely beneficial for converting content back to DWG for further editing, especially for multi-page PDF documents.

ARES Commander 2023 certainly marks a significant leap in CAD technology, with its focus on enhancing collaboration and user experience. Its innovative features and tools empower users to work smarter and more efficiently. Whether you are a professional designer seeking a comprehensive CAD solution or a manager looking for an efficient way to review and approve project changes, ARES Commander 2023 is the tool for you.

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