DraftSight: Associative Patterns for Repeatable Geometry

December 30, 2022 2 min read

DraftSight: Associative Patterns for Repeatable Geometry

Explore the Associative Patterns Feature in DraftSight to take control of your repeatable geometry. 

DraftSight’s Patterns command has a powerful tool to this end: when you use the Associative property in your patterns, the patterns are grouped into an easily editable unified object instead of creating individual entities. 

The Associative feature of the Pattern command gives you tremendous flexibility for both your 2D and 3D drafting needs. Check it out!

The Pattern tool is found in the Modify panel of the Ribbon’s home tab:

Within both the Linear and Circular tabs, you’ll find a checkbox that will let you create these powerful assemblies: 

The dialog allows you to define your initial pattern settings (like you’re used to doing). Also, note the inclusion of Levels that allow you to expand your pattern along the Z-axis.

Once you’ve created your associative pattern, you can quickly edit it with its special multifunctional EntityGrips – or EGrips for short. Using the square grips, you can dynamically change the row and column counts, change either one’s spacing or move the entire Pattern. Just hover over one to see its editing options:

The other type of grips you’ll see are arrows. Click one of these EGrips and pull your mouse in the direction to change. You’ll see a preview of any rows or columns added based on your new location or any change in spacing – depending on which EGrip you choose. Just click again to accept the new pattern configuration.

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