DraftSight 2023: A First Look at the New Page Layout Manager

December 07, 2022 2 min read

DraftSight 2023: A First Look at the New Page Layout Manager

DraftSight 2023 comes with a brand new Page Layout Manager, one of the users' most requested features! This powerful tool will make printing complex documents a breeze, allowing you to save time when setting up print or plot settings. 

Instead of creating and managing an external print configuration file, you can save all your print or plot parameters in a named setup that is saved inside your drawing or template file.

The default behavior is still the Print Configuration Manager, but you can easily change it by selecting the Use Page Layout Manager option as found in the Options Dialog > System Options > Printing > General Options.


You can access the new interface from the Print flyout from the application menu or by right-clicking on either the Model Space tab or an active Sheet tab.
You’ll first be presented with a dialog that lists the Page Layouts associated with the space you are currently in.


From here, you can select a layout to assign to your current sheet (or Model Space), edit an existing setup, or create a new one.
You can also import a Print Configuration File for use as a new Page Layout, find one in another drawing, or even import one from your project’s template file.
The Page Layout settings page should be both intuitive and familiar. You’ll have easy access to choose your printing device, size, scale, offset, and the range of your geometry’s output.
Save time by saving your print configuration settings within each drawing or the drawing template!


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