Character Creation – Jared Chavez – ZBrush 2024

January 23, 2024 1 min read

Character Creation – Jared Chavez – ZBrush 2024

Video From YouTube : Maxon ZBrush

In this comprehensive tutorial, viewers will witness an expert digital sculptor, Jared Chavez, harness the robust features of ZBrush 2024 to craft intricate character models. Presented by MAXON, the video showcases advanced sculpting techniques and creative workflows, offering insights into professional character creation. Aspiring artists and seasoned professionals alike can expect to learn valuable skills, from initial sketching to final detailing. The session highlights the versatility of ZBrush 2024, a leading software in the 3D modeling industry, and provides a glimpse into the potential of digital artistry. This educational content is ideal for those seeking to elevate their digital sculpting capabilities.

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