Bluebeam Tip: Streamline Drawing Set Updates with Bluebeam Revu Batch Slip Sheeting Feature

July 05, 2024 2 min read

Bluebeam Tip: Streamline Drawing Set Updates with Bluebeam Revu Batch Slip Sheeting Feature

Keeping your drawing sets up-to-date doesn't have to be a chore. With Batch Slip Sheeting in Bluebeam® Revu®, you can swiftly update entire drawing sets in a few clicks, ensuring your team is always working from the latest set. Here’s how it can streamline your workflow:

  • Automate the updating process: Instead of manually replacing individual pages, Batch Slip Sheeting automatically updates your entire set with revised sheets.
  • Retain all markups and annotations: When you slip sheet new revisions into the set, Bluebeam Revu preserves all existing markups and hyperlinks. This means you won't lose any important project data during the update.
  • Match new revisions with ease: Use the powerful matching options to align new revisions with their corresponding current sheets, even if the filenames are different.
  • Review and verify: Before finalizing the slip sheeting process, Bluebeam allows you to review each replacement to ensure accuracy, giving you confidence in your document set's integrity.
  • Report on the slip sheeting process: After the updates, Revu provides a detailed report of all the changes, allowing you to track and archive the update history for future reference.

Integrating Batch Slip Sheeting into your standard operating procedures not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors associated with manual updates. Discover the full capabilities of Bluebeam by visiting NOVEDGE, where you can find resources and purchase options tailored to your industry needs.

Adopting tools like Bluebeam Revu can significantly enhance project communication and documentation accuracy, ensuring that your team remains synchronized and efficient throughout the project lifecycle.

You can find all the Bluebeam products on the NOVEDGE web site at this page.

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