AutoCAD Tip: Maximizing Efficiency with AutoCAD Express Tools: Advanced Commands and Productivity Hacks

July 03, 2024 2 min read

AutoCAD Tip: Maximizing Efficiency with AutoCAD Express Tools: Advanced Commands and Productivity Hacks

Enhance your productivity in AutoCAD by utilizing the Express Tools—an exclusive set of tools designed to speed up and simplify your drawing and editing processes. These tools offer a variety of functions that are not available in the standard toolset. Here's how you can leverage AutoCAD's Express Tools for productivity gains:

  • Extended Modify Commands: Express Tools provide advanced modification options such as MOVECOPY, which allows you to move and copy objects in one step, and ROTATECOPY, which lets you rotate and copy simultaneously.
  • Text Tools: Managing text in your drawings is made easier with tools like TEXTCASE to quickly change text to uppercase, lowercase, or title case without retyping, and TCOUNT for automatic numbering of text and dimensions.
  • Layer Tools: Use the LAYMRG command to merge several layers into one, and LAYWALK to isolate and review specific layers without altering layer states permanently.
  • Dimension Tools: Tools like DIMREPLACE allow you to replace dimension text with a different text string, and ARCTEXT enables you to place text along an arc, which is perfect for logos and seals.
  • Selection Tools: Quickly select similar objects with SELECTSIMILAR or add a sequence of selections with ADDSELECTED for faster editing work.
  • Block and Attribute Tools: Simplify working with blocks and attributes using commands like BURST to explode blocks but retain attribute values, and BCOUNT to count the number of blocks in your drawing.
  • Conversion Tools: Easily convert objects such as text to Mtext, or polylines to splines with dedicated conversion tools, improving the consistency and editability of your drawings.

These are just a handful of the capabilities found in the Express Tools suite. For a comprehensive list and detailed explanations, refer to the AutoCAD Help system. By integrating these powerful tools into your daily use of AutoCAD, you'll notice a significant acceleration in your workflow and a reduction in repetitive tasks.

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Remember, while Express Tools are not available in AutoCAD LT, many of these features can be found in the full version of AutoCAD. So, make sure you're using the version that best suits your needs and take full advantage of the Express Tools set for a more efficient CAD experience.

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