AutoCAD Tip: Mastering Plot Styles in AutoCAD: CTB vs. STB for Optimal Printing Results

March 17, 2024 2 min read

AutoCAD Tip: Mastering Plot Styles in AutoCAD: CTB vs. STB for Optimal Printing Results

Understanding plot styles in AutoCAD is crucial for ensuring that your drawings print correctly and consistently. AutoCAD offers two types of plot styles: CTB (Color-dependent plot styles) and STB (Named plot styles). Each serves a different purpose and understanding the difference between the two will help you make the right choice for your project.

  • CTB Plot Styles: CTB files are based on the color of the object in the drawing. Each color corresponds to a set of plot style properties such as lineweight, linetype, and print color. The advantage of using CTB files is their simplicity and direct correlation to the colors you see on the screen.
  • STB Plot Styles: STB files, on the other hand, use named styles that are not directly tied to colors. This allows for more flexibility and control as you can assign any plot style to any object regardless of its color. STB is preferred for larger organizations or projects that require standardized plotting configurations across multiple drawings.

When deciding which to use, consider the following:

  • If your project requires consistent plotting across various users and systems, or if you work in an environment that adheres to specific printing standards, STB might be the better option.
  • If you are working on a smaller project or if you are the sole user, CTB could be more straightforward and easier to manage.

To set up or modify plot styles in AutoCAD:

  1. Open the Page Setup Manager by typing 'PAGESETUP' in the command line or through the Layout tab.
  2. Select the layout you wish to modify and click "Modify".
  3. Under the "Plot Style Table" section, choose the plot style you want to use or edit one by clicking on "Edit".

Remember to ensure that all team members have access to the same plot style files to maintain consistency. You can also use the 'PLOT' command to access the plot style settings directly when plotting a drawing.

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Understanding your project's needs and the strengths of each plot style type will greatly improve your plotting efficiency and output quality in AutoCAD. Whether you choose CTB or STB, ensure you maintain consistency across all drawings and users to maximize productivity.

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