AutoCAD Tip: Effective Lineweight Application in AutoCAD for Enhanced Drawing Clarity and Hierarchy

April 08, 2024 2 min read

AutoCAD Tip: Effective Lineweight Application in AutoCAD for Enhanced Drawing Clarity and Hierarchy

Understanding how lineweight affects the clarity and visual effectiveness of your AutoCAD drawings is essential. Proper use of lineweight can help convey the hierarchy and importance of different elements in your design. Here are some tips to help you apply lineweight effectively in your AutoCAD projects:

  • Know Your Printers and Plotters: Before you begin assigning lineweights, be aware of the capabilities of your printers and plotters. Some devices may not accurately reproduce very fine or very thick lineweights.
  • Use the Lineweight Settings: Access the Lineweight Settings dialog from the Format menu to set the lineweight units, either in millimeters or inches, that match your drawing's scale and printing specifications.
  • Layer Properties Manager: Assign lineweights to layers in the Layer Properties Manager. This helps maintain consistency across similar objects and streamlines changes when necessary.
  • Consider the Drawing Scale: The scale at which the drawing will be printed should influence your lineweight choices. A line that looks appropriately thick on screen might be too thin or too thick when printed at a different scale.
  • Assign Lineweights Logically: Thicker lineweights should be reserved for outline edges and important features, while thinner ones can be used for interior details and less critical elements.
  • Check Lineweight Display: Enable 'LWT' button on the status bar to view lineweights on the screen. This will give you a better idea of how your drawing will look when printed.
  • Lineweight by Object: While assigning lineweight by layer is good practice, you can also assign lineweight by object, giving you greater control for specific instances.
  • Plot Style Tables: Use plot style tables (CTB or STB files) to control the printed lineweight of objects, allowing for color-based or named property assignments.
  • Test Print: Always do a test print on a small scale or a section of your drawing to ensure that the lineweights appear as expected.
  • Annotation Scaling: Pay attention to annotation scaling settings, as lineweights can be affected by this if not managed properly.

Proper management and application of lineweight in AutoCAD can greatly impact the readability and professionalism of your technical drawings. For a wide selection of AutoCAD software and more tips, remember to visit NOVEDGE at

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