ArredoCAD 16.5 New RealTime Render

July 06, 2020

 ArredoCAD introduced new exciting enhancements to its rendering feature set.

With the new 3D interactive visualization you can navigate in the scene in real time and in high resolution. Now you can open cabinet doors and drawers with a click, rotate and move objects with automatically aligning to walls and other objects as well as creating panoramic 360° views very fast.

Thanks to the new 3D interactive visualization you can insert sounds during navigation (nature sounds, TV sounds or burning fireplace), modify materials and light sources parameters in real time (colors, exposition, balancing, width of cone angle) direct automatically spotlights on objects and walls as well as match a light source to an object.

New Features

  • Virtual Reality (with Oculus goggles)
    Opening cabinet doors and drawers, moving and rotating objects during navigation using the controller. 

  • 3D view
    Optimizing quality of big size images (with more than 8000x8000 pixels).

  • Light source
    Mask with the complete list of lights in the scene.

  • Building walls
    Automatic visualizing of wall orientation.

Cristiano Sacchi
Cristiano Sacchi

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