3DCoat 4.9.53 Just Released !

July 08, 2020


Get your 3DCoat up-to-date with this new version of the program released today. On top of multiple fixes and performance improvements, get multiple new tools available as Beta instruments now. 

Key Changes and Improvements

  • Activity Bar on the top right introduced. It shows the current state of mask/material/shader/vertexture etc. This is a Preview/Beta feature, activate via Preferences/Beta.

    Activity Bar

  • Projector tool: see the Navigation Panel, light icon. The tool allows you to project any texture through the whole scene, just like a projector-lit image. This is convenient when working with references, the tool would not affect any color or material properties.

    Projector tool

  • Undercuts tool got the possibility to create injection moulds. This is a Beta feature, present in 4.9 temporarily for testing purposes and preview.

  • Primitives in Voxels got important improvement - great quality of edges even under low resolutions. Edges are smoothed a bit instead of pixelation.

Cristiano Sacchi
Cristiano Sacchi

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