3D Coat: New Features in Release 2022.52

December 21, 2022 2 min read

3D Coat: New Features in Release 2022.52

The latest 3DCoat 2022.52 is out now and comes with a great deal of new features, as well as many fixes and improvements to the program. Some groundbreaking new features are now offered, such as Multiresolution for surface sculpting, Volumetric painting and color, a substantially improved Sketch tool and many more.

Key Features in Release 2022.52 include:

  • Multiresolution for the surface sculpting - You can add a lower multiresolution level even if it does not exist, the decimation or retopology (manual or automatic) can be used to add the lower multiresolution level
  • Sketch tool substantially improved - it is easy to create a model by drawing in three projections
  • Painting - Superpowerful, valence/density independent screen-based color smoothing added to the Paint room. Paint tools appeared in the Sculpt room to simplify painting over the surface/voxels
  • Volumetric painting and color completely supported - true volumetric painting, mimicking real-world textures and thickness, works correctly with PBR
  • Import-Export - Easy automated Export of multiple assets to Blender and UE5 without manual retopo and UV mapping
  • UV - A major UV/Auto-UV mapping update: better quality, an important Join clusters tool added
  • UI - Possibility to create your own color UI themes (in Preferences->Theme) and recall them from Window->UI color scheme->... The default and gray themes included there
  • Blender Applink - Blender applink essentially updated. Sculpt objects covered by Factures can now be transferred to Blender via the AppLink. This is a HUGE improvement!
  • Export of meshes as IGES format enabled - (this functionality is open till the end of 2022 and after will be available as an Extra Module at additional cost)
  • Moulding tool in the Undercuts - The Moulding Tool allows you to easily create Casting Mould 3D Models (this functionality is open till the end of 2022 and after will be available as an Extra Module at additional cost)

About 3D Coat

3DCoat is the one application that has all the tools you need to take your 3D idea from a block of digital clay all the way to a production ready, fully textured organic or hard surface model. 
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