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Webinar #267
V-Ray 3.6 and VR Scans: New design possibilities in SketchUp
Recorded on Jan 3, 2018
What it's About
Chaos Group`s CG Specialist Veso Mihaylov will host this webinar, exclusively geared towards enhancing the design process and boost your productivity in a SketchUp workflow. Based on a study of architectural interior and exterior projects, Veso`s webinar aims to go into the practical details of the V-Ray and VR Scans combo work in SketchUp. Rendering directly in the SketchUp viewport and V-Ray 3`s signature cleaner, simpler interface, will be present full-scale, as well as cutting-edge features like: V-Ray 3.6 for SketchUp — Workstation — USB Dongle License`s powerful GPU rendering, with added support for aerial perspective, displacement, subsurface scattering, matte/shadows, and more. Hybrid Rendering, with V-Ray taking full advantage of both CPUs and GPUs. Adaptive Lights, the technology which did marvels in V-Ray for 3ds Max, now directly in SketchUp, with possibility to cut render times in scenes with many lights by up to 700%.
The webinar is free and lasts about one hour, including the Q&A session.
Who is Presenting the Webinar
Veso MihaylovVeso Mihaylov joined the Chaos Group CG team in 2015. Since then he has been using V-Ray on daily basis and is actively involved in creating presentation content for the team, and videos for workflow trainings and new product launches. Veso holds a Master's degree in Digital Media from Technical University of Denmark. He has a strong passion for computer graphics and photography.
Who Should Attend
SketchUp-using architects and designers, looking to power-up their creative workflow and introduce new capabilities throughout their design process.
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Henry Santos
Webinar #186 recorded on Feb 10, 2016
MODO for Design Ideationwith Henry Santos
V-Ray for Revit
Webinar #185 recorded on Feb 3, 2016
Introducing V-Ray for Revit Betawith V-Ray for Revit
Jonathan Duguay
Webinar #184 recorded on Jan 27, 2016
Point Cloud processing with VisionLiDARwith Jonathan Duguay
Aaron Vorwerk
Webinar #183 recorded on Jan 20, 2016
Move to BIM with free trainingwith Aaron Vorwerk
Richard Funnell
Webinar #182 recorded on Jan 13, 2016
What's New in KeyShot 6with Richard Funnell
Kalina Panteleeva
Webinar #181 recorded on Jan 6, 2016
Introducing V-Ray 3.3 for 3dsMaxwith Kalina Panteleeva
Henry Santos
Webinar #180 recorded on Dec 16, 2015
Architectural Design Ideation in MODOwith Henry Santos
Meredith Jung
Webinar #179 recorded on Dec 9, 2015
Improve Your Design Review Process with Bluebeam Revuwith Meredith Jung
Francois Levy
Webinar #178 recorded on Dec 2, 2015
BIM for the Design-Oriented Firm with Vectorworkswith Francois Levy
Jeremy Stadtmueller
Webinar #177 recorded on Nov 18, 2015
Fusion 360: Your CAD tool doesn't have to get in the way of great product design.with Jeremy Stadtmueller
Kevin Ketchum
Webinar #176 recorded on Nov 11, 2015
MODO for Automotive Rapid Concept Design Studios.with Kevin Ketchum
Yana Andreeva
Webinar #175 recorded on Nov 4, 2015
VR Rendering with V-Ray 3.2 for 3ds Maxwith Yana Andreeva
Jonathan Pickup
Webinar #174 recorded on Oct 28, 2015
Introduction to Marionette in Vectorworks 2016with Jonathan Pickup
Edwin Braun
Webinar #172 recorded on Oct 14, 2015
thinkingParticles 6.2 Powerful Gas, Smoke and Compressible Fluids Effects!with Edwin Braun
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Webinar #171 recorded on Oct 7, 2015
Getting Started with Bluebeam Revu 2015.5with Meredith Jung
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Essential Maxwell Render tips & the new V3.2with Juan Canada
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Modo 901 exciting new featureswith John Bavaresco
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Webinar #162 recorded on Jul 29, 2015
VisualARQ 1.9, BIM architectural software for Rhinowith Francesc Salla
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Webinar #161 recorded on Jul 15, 2015
Builder's Sales tools with Cadsoftwith Chantale Pitts
Ray Savona
Webinar #160 recorded on Jul 9, 2015
Autodesk Mythbusterswith Ray Savona
Luis Miguel Mora
Webinar #159 recorded on Jul 8, 2015
RealFlow 2015: Quality-Control-Speedwith Luis Miguel Mora
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Webinar #158 recorded on May 27, 2015
BIM for Everyone with Cadsoftwith Chantale Pitts
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Real-time Project Collaboration with Bluebeam Studiowith Nick Decker
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What's new in AutoCAD 2016with Lynn Allen
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Emerging Facade - swarm-designed structure in Grasshopperwith Jan Pernecky
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Webinar #144 recorded on Jan 21, 2015
Fusion 360: Differentiate your Products with Aesthetic Designwith Jeremy Stadtmueller
Matus Nedecky
Webinar #143 recorded on Jan 7, 2015
Persuasive Architectural Visualization with FlyingArchitecturewith Matus Nedecky
Dave Schultze
Webinar #142 recorded on Dec 17, 2014
Killer Rendering Tips for V-Ray and Rhinowith Dave Schultze
Mihai Iliuta
Webinar #141 recorded on Dec 10, 2014
A look into the new Maxwell Render V3.1with Mihai Iliuta
Tamsin Slatter
Webinar #140 recorded on Dec 3, 2014
Meet Vectorworks Landmark 2015with Tamsin Slatter
Lynn Allen
Webinar #139 recorded on Nov 19, 2014
BIM for the Small Business Ownerwith Lynn Allen
Edwin Braun
Webinar #138 recorded on Nov 12, 2014
thinkingParticles 6 - Ending the Dry Spell with v6 Fluid Solverwith Edwin Braun
Simeon Balabanov
Webinar #137 recorded on Nov 5, 2014
V-Ray for Maya - Ready for Battlewith Simeon Balabanov
Paul Munford
Webinar #136 recorded on Oct 29, 2014
Autodesk Inventor 2015 - Surfacing vs T-Splineswith Paul Munford
Chris Murray
Webinar #135 recorded on Oct 22, 2014
3ds Max and SpaceMouse Pro Workflowswith Chris Murray
Jonathan Pickup
Webinar #134 recorded on Oct 15, 2014
Discover Vectorworks 2015with Jonathan Pickup
Andy Brown
Webinar #133 recorded on Oct 8, 2014
MODO for Product Design and Design Visualizationwith Andy Brown
Francesc Salla
Webinar #132 recorded on Oct 1, 2014
VisualARQ 1.8, BIM and Architectural Tools for Rhinoceroswith Francesc Salla
Brian Benton
Webinar #131 recorded on Sep 24, 2014
Three AutoCAD Skills for Real-Life Work Situationswith Brian Benton
Steve Jones
Webinar #130 recorded on Sep 17, 2014
Discover How to Go Green Using Bluebeamwith Steve Jones
Chris Stringer
Webinar #129 recorded on Sep 10, 2014
Architectural Renderings with Rhino and Artlantiswith Chris Stringer
Patrick Goski
Webinar #128 recorded on Aug 27, 2014
What's New in Cinema 4D R16with Patrick Goski
Brian Hillner
Webinar #127 recorded on Aug 20, 2014
Photorealistic Architectural Renderings in Bunkspeedwith Brian Hillner
Steve Alden and Rubina Siddiqui
Webinar #126 recorded on Aug 13, 2014
Early Design in a BIM Workflow with Vectorworkswith Steve Alden and Rubina Siddiqui
Jeffrey Pinheiro
Webinar #125 recorded on Aug 6, 2014
The Ultimate Revit Custom Material Marathonwith Jeffrey Pinheiro
Kevin Grayson
Webinar #124 recorded on Jul 30, 2014
Solid Edge Superior Sheet Metal Designwith Kevin Grayson
Stephen Jones
Webinar #123 recorded on Jul 23, 2014
3D Light Renderings with Vectorworks Spotlightwith Stephen Jones
Simeon Balabanov
Webinar #122 recorded on Jul 16, 2014
First Look at V-Ray 3.0 for Mayawith Simeon Balabanov
Victor Sanchez
Webinar #121 recorded on Jul 9, 2014
RealFlow 2014: The Enhanced UIwith Victor Sanchez
Jim Girard
Webinar #120 recorded on Jun 25, 2014
A Beginner's Look at T-Splines for Rhino 5with Jim Girard
Maia Merav Holtzman
Webinar #119 recorded on Jun 18, 2014
From Model to Rendering with Rhino and V-Raywith Maia Merav Holtzman
Chris Stringer
Webinar #118 recorded on Jun 11, 2014
Lighting in Artlantiswith Chris Stringer
Rex Roberts
Webinar #117 recorded on Jun 4, 2014
Rendering, Animation and the KeyShot Cloudwith Rex Roberts
Jonathan Pickup
Webinar #115 recorded on May 21, 2014
Creating a Building without Walls in Vectorworkswith Jonathan Pickup
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Webinar #114 recorded on May 14, 2014
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Webinar #113 recorded on May 7, 2014
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Simeon Balabanov
Webinar #105 recorded on Feb 26, 2014
Revealing the Full Power of the Most Expected V-Ray Versionwith Simeon Balabanov
Uday Honnalagere
Webinar #103 recorded on Feb 12, 2014
VisualCAD/CAM 2014 User-Friendly, Affordable CAMwith Uday Honnalagere
Francois Levy
Webinar #102 recorded on Feb 5, 2014
Vectorworks Remodel Case Studywith Francois Levy
Vassil Pepelyankov
Webinar #101 recorded on Jan 29, 2014
V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino: A Lighting, Shading and Rendering Toolkitwith Vassil Pepelyankov
Gustavo Sanchez
Webinar #100 recorded on Jan 22, 2014
RealFlow 2013 Graphs Demystified!with Gustavo Sanchez
Sergio Gonzalez
Webinar #099 recorded on Jan 15, 2014
Mass Compute On-Demand with V-Ray in the Cloudwith Sergio Gonzalez
Michael Schell
Webinar #098 recorded on Jan 8, 2014
An Introduction to 3D PDF Converter for Revitwith Michael Schell
Greg Brown
Webinar #097 recorded on Dec 18, 2013
The Foundry's MODO for Design Explorationwith Greg Brown
Michal Hrk
Webinar #096 recorded on Dec 11, 2013
From Sketch to Production with solidThinking Evolvewith Michal Hrk
Maia Merav Holtzman
Webinar #095 recorded on Dec 4, 2013
Successful Jewelry Modeling with Rhino V5with Maia Merav Holtzman
Lilian Magallanes
Webinar #094 recorded on Nov 20, 2013
Real-time Collaboration with Bluebeam Studiowith Lilian Magallanes
Brian Muhlbach
Webinar #093 recorded on Nov 13, 2013
Jewelry Rendering in Real-time with Bunkspeedwith Brian Muhlbach
Michael Günther-Geffers
Webinar #092 recorded on Oct 30, 2013
VSR Rendering & Modeling for Ambitious Product Designwith Michael Günther-Geffers
Mihai Iliuta
Webinar #091 recorded on Oct 23, 2013
Maxwell Render, An Insider's Look at V3with Mihai Iliuta
Jonathan Pickup
Webinar #090 recorded on Oct 16, 2013
An Introduction to BIM with Vectorworks 2014with Jonathan Pickup
Gregg Hillmar
Webinar #089 recorded on Oct 2, 2013
Light Plot Deconstructed with Gregg Hillmarwith Gregg Hillmar
Sue Blackman
Webinar #088 recorded on Sep 25, 2013
Power Surfacing for SolidWorks with nPowerwith Sue Blackman
Simeon Balabanov
Webinar #087 recorded on Sep 18, 2013
A First Look at Chaos Group's New V-Ray 3.0with Simeon Balabanov
Heidi Hewett
Webinar #086 recorded on Sep 11, 2013
Transition to BIM with the AutoCAD Revit LT Suitewith Heidi Hewett
Chris Stringer
Webinar #085 recorded on Sep 4, 2013
Quickly and Easily! An Exclusive Look at the New Artlantis 5with Chris Stringer
Paul Gaboury
Webinar #084 recorded on Aug 28, 2013
Discovering ZBrush 4R6 with Paul Gabourywith Paul Gaboury
Tamsin Slatter
Webinar #083 recorded on Aug 21, 2013
Site Design with Vectorworks Landmarkwith Tamsin Slatter
Marc Teer
Webinar #082 recorded on Aug 14, 2013
Create Beautiful Drawings in Revitwith Marc Teer
Fernando Rentas
Webinar #081 recorded on Jul 31, 2013
The All New V-Ray 2.0 For SketchUpwith Fernando Rentas
Fabrice Debarge
Webinar #080 recorded on Jul 24, 2013
Drawing with TVPaint Animation 10 Professional Editionwith Fabrice Debarge
Shaun Redsar
Webinar #079 recorded on Jul 17, 2013
An Introduction to Luxion KeyShotwith Shaun Redsar
Rafael del Molino
Webinar #078 recorded on Jul 10, 2013
Get Familiar with RhinoGold 4.0!with Rafael del Molino
Paul Motley
Webinar #077 recorded on Jun 26, 2013
Using MicroScribe 3D Digitizer with Rhino 5with Paul Motley
Joe Scott
Webinar #076 recorded on Jun 19, 2013
Getting Started with the Afinia 3D Printerwith Joe Scott
Clive Davies
Webinar #075 recorded on Jun 12, 2013
An Introduction to Lightworks Artisan for BricsCADwith Clive Davies
Francesc Salla
Webinar #074 recorded on Jun 5, 2013
Efficient Workflow and Architectural Design with VisualARQ for Rhinowith Francesc Salla
Uday Honnalagere
Webinar #073 recorded on May 29, 2013
Alibre CAM Integrated CAM for Alibre Designwith Uday Honnalagere
Lynn Allen
Webinar #072 recorded on May 22, 2013
Getting the Most Out of AutoCAD Design Suite 2014with Lynn Allen
Marc-André Ferguson
Webinar #071 recorded on May 15, 2013
Editing Meets Effects with Autodesk Smokewith Marc-André Ferguson
Maia Merav Holtzman
Webinar #070 recorded on May 1, 2013
Rhino 5.0 Better, Bigger, Faster!with Maia Merav Holtzman
Chris Stringer
Webinar #069 recorded on Apr 17, 2013
Working with Shaders in Artlantiswith Chris Stringer
James Chambers
Webinar #068 recorded on Apr 3, 2013
What's new in Bluebeam Revu 11with James Chambers
Brian Benton
Webinar #067 recorded on Mar 20, 2013
AutoCAD Sheet Sets for Project Managementwith Brian Benton
Michael Günther-Geffer
Webinar #066 recorded on Mar 6, 2013
High-end surface modeling in Rhino3D with VSRwith Michael Günther-Geffer
Paul Gaboury
Webinar #065 recorded on Feb 20, 2013
Discover ZBrush4R5 with Pixologicwith Paul Gaboury
Brian Hillner
Webinar #064 recorded on Feb 6, 2013
The Bunkspeed PRO Differencewith Brian Hillner
Paul Babb
Webinar #063 recorded on Jan 23, 2013
The New CINEMA 4D R14 Featureswith Paul Babb
Gustavo Sanchez
Webinar #062 recorded on Jan 9, 2013
RealFlow 2013: A Fluid Revolutionwith Gustavo Sanchez
Rafael Del Molino
Webinar #061 recorded on Dec 19, 2012
Introduction to Clayoo Freeforming for Rhino 5.0with Rafael Del Molino
Edwin Braun
Webinar #060 recorded on Dec 5, 2012
Introduction to thinkingParticles The Basics and Essentialswith Edwin Braun
Mark Segasby
Webinar #059 recorded on Nov 21, 2012
Fast Perfect Lighting with HDR Light Studio 4with Mark Segasby
Mihai Iliuta
Webinar #058 recorded on Nov 7, 2012
Studio Lighting Techniques Using Maxwell Renderwith Mihai Iliuta
Jonathan Pickup
Webinar #057 recorded on Oct 24, 2012
What's New with Vectorworks 2013with Jonathan Pickup
Gabriel Mathews
Webinar #056 recorded on Oct 10, 2012
Design Within Reach, with Rhino 4.0with Gabriel Mathews
Matthew Holewinski
Webinar #055 recorded on Sep 19, 2012
Discover the New formZ 7with Matthew Holewinski
Al Hart
Webinar #054 recorded on Sep 5, 2012
Creating Better Renderings with iRender nXt for SketchUpwith Al Hart
Caleb R. Morrow
Webinar #053 recorded on Aug 22, 2012
ArchitTrek, Project Management Made Easywith Caleb R. Morrow
Kevin Lee Allen
Webinar #052 recorded on Aug 8, 2012
Entertainment Design Using Vectorworks Designerwith Kevin Lee Allen
Vassil Pepelyankov
Webinar #051 recorded on Jul 25, 2012
Introduction to V-Ray 1.5 for Rhinowith Vassil Pepelyankov
Daniel Marcotte
Webinar #050 recorded on Jul 11, 2012
Introduction to Bricscad V12with Daniel Marcotte
Brian Townsend
Webinar #049 recorded on Jun 27, 2012
Creating Images for Marketing from 3D Data using KeyShotwith Brian Townsend
Lynn Allen
Webinar #048 recorded on Jun 20, 2012
Getting up to Speed on the AutoCAD 2013 Design Suitewith Lynn Allen
Josef Grunig
Webinar #047 recorded on Jun 6, 2012
Using LinceoVR Realtime Rendering to Showcase 3D Modelswith Josef Grunig
Stuart Themudo
Webinar #046 recorded on May 23, 2012
Create 3D RFI's with Bluebeam Revuwith Stuart Themudo
Paul Gaboury
Webinar #045 recorded on May 9, 2012
Taking a Closer Look into ZBrush 4R3with Paul Gaboury
Christy Lee
Webinar #044 recorded on Apr 25, 2012
3D Clothes Modeling with Marvelous Designerwith Christy Lee
Brian James
Webinar #043 recorded on Apr 11, 2012
Rhino 5 Overview Featuring the Gumball Manipulatorwith Brian James
Mark Segasby
Webinar #042 recorded on Mar 28, 2012
HDR Light Studio Interactive Image Based Lightingwith Mark Segasby
Vic Sanchez
Webinar #041 recorded on Mar 14, 2012
Improving Data Access and Decision Making with Inforbixwith Vic Sanchez
Brad Finck
Webinar #040 recorded on Feb 29, 2012
Personal Architect: Practical BIM for Designerswith Brad Finck
Jonathan Pickup
Webinar #039 recorded on Feb 15, 2012
Introduction to BIM with Vectorworks Architectwith Jonathan Pickup
Paul Gaboury
Webinar #038 recorded on Feb 1, 2012
Introduction to ZBrushwith Paul Gaboury
Michael Freytag
Webinar #037 recorded on Jan 18, 2012
Strength and Deflection Simulation with Scan&Solvewith Michael Freytag
Lex de Azevedo II
Webinar #036 recorded on Jan 4, 2012
Strata 3D CX Suite for Designerswith Lex de Azevedo II
Oscar Wall
Webinar #035 recorded on Dec 21, 2011
AutoDesk Online/On-Demand Classroom Training & Certificationwith Oscar Wall
Ryan Montgomery
Webinar #033 recorded on Nov 23, 2011
Introducing the New Alibre Design 2012with Ryan Montgomery
Wes Gardner
Webinar #032 recorded on Nov 9, 2011
Vectorworks 2012 as BIM Solution for Smart-Sized Firmswith Wes Gardner
Chris Stringer
Webinar #031 recorded on Oct 26, 2011
Rendering BIM models in Artlantiswith Chris Stringer
Patrick Goski
Webinar #030 recorded on Oct 12, 2011
CINEMA 4D Release 13 Overviewwith Patrick Goski
Brian Roberts
Webinar #029 recorded on Sep 28, 2011
Creating interactive 3D PDF Documents with Share3D PDFwith Brian Roberts
Bill Barnes
Webinar #028 recorded on Sep 14, 2011
Creating work instructions and tech docs using 3D CAD datawith Bill Barnes
Brian James
Webinar #027 recorded on Aug 31, 2011
Advanced Rhino 3Dwith Brian James
Wes Gardner
Webinar #026 recorded on Aug 17, 2011
Transitioning from 2D to 3D in Vectorworks Architectwith Wes Gardner
Gary M. Davis
Webinar #025 recorded on Aug 3, 2011
Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 for Entertainmentwith Gary M. Davis
James Chambers
Webinar #024 recorded on Jul 20, 2011
Rethinking Electronic Workflow with Bluebeam PDF Revuwith James Chambers
Adam O`Hern
Webinar #023 recorded on Jul 6, 2011
Experience the power of tsElements for SolidWorkswith Adam O`Hern
Tuomas Holma
Webinar #022 recorded on Jun 22, 2011
Real-time 3D Collaboration with CadFaster|Collaboratewith Tuomas Holma
Alexey Kazakov
Webinar #021 recorded on Jun 8, 2011
Constraint-based parametric modeling with RhinoWorkswith Alexey Kazakov
Ildiko Szabo
Webinar #020 recorded on May 26, 2011
Artlantis Training Class at Novedgewith Ildiko Szabo
Darrin Frankovitz
Webinar #019 recorded on May 25, 2011
After Effects/CINEMA 4D Workflow for Motion Designwith Darrin Frankovitz
Eyal Nir
Webinar #018 recorded on May 11, 2011
3D Pattern Modeling with ParaCloud Modelerwith Eyal Nir
Andy Payne
Webinar #017 recorded on Apr 27, 2011
An Introduction to Grasshopper for Rhinowith Andy Payne
Jonathan Pickup
Webinar #016 recorded on Apr 13, 2011
Quick Conceptual Modeling with Vectorworks 2011with Jonathan Pickup
Dan Ablan
Webinar #015 recorded on Mar 30, 2011
New Enhancements in Luxology's modo 501with Dan Ablan
Matthew Holewinski
Webinar #014 recorded on Mar 16, 2011
An Introduction to AutoDesSys bonzai3dwith Matthew Holewinski
Pascal Golay
Webinar #013 recorded on Mar 2, 2011
Mastering Fillets in Rhino 4.0with Pascal Golay
Mihai Iliuta
Webinar #012 recorded on Feb 16, 2011
Maxwell Render 2.5 A Practical Introductionwith Mihai Iliuta
Slava Kashirsky
Webinar #011 recorded on Feb 2, 2011
Key Features & Functionality of ASCON KOMPAS-3Dwith Slava Kashirsky
Shaan Hurley
Webinar #010 recorded on Jan 19, 2011
Inside AutoCAD for Macwith Shaan Hurley
Gregg Hillmar
Webinar #009 recorded on Jan 5, 2011
Light Plot Deconstructed in Vectorworks Spotlight 2011with Gregg Hillmar
Kyle Houchens
Webinar #008 recorded on Dec 15, 2010
Introduction to T-Splines v3with Kyle Houchens
Alex Neihaus
Webinar #007 recorded on Dec 1, 2010
The Vuuch Enterprise Social Systemwith Alex Neihaus
Fernando Pedrogo
Webinar #006 recorded on Nov 17, 2010
V-Ray Rendering for Rhinowith Fernando Pedrogo
Tamsin Slatter
Webinar #005 recorded on Nov 3, 2010
Designing in Vectorworks Landmark 2011with Tamsin Slatter
Jeff McCartney
Webinar #004 recorded on Oct 20, 2010
Real-time Rendering with Keyshot 2.1with Jeff McCartney
Brian James
Webinar #003 recorded on Oct 6, 2010
What's New in Rhino v5 (WIP)with Brian James
Joep Meijer
Webinar #002 recorded on Sep 29, 2010
Ecodesign + LCA Training with Sustainable Mindswith Joep Meijer
Jonathan Pickup
Webinar #001 recorded on Sep 15, 2010
What's New in Vectorworks 2011with Jonathan Pickup
Chaos GroupChaos GroupV-Ray 3.6 for SketchUp - Workstation - USB Dongle LicenseV-Ray 3.6 for SketchUp - Workstation - USB Dongle LicenseAdvanced Ray-Tracing for SketchUp. Includes 1 floating user license and the required USB dongle.BID-80-936693663.99+1 (415) 848 9018