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December 4, 2011

Capable and Good Value for 3D

Matthew Bowyer
If I hadn't had prior experience with 3D programs, I'd be tempted to rate it a bit lower, at the same time I haven't progressed very far into it, so that would be unfair. The reality is that compared to learning Pro-E years ago, one can actually fumble one's way through without proper instruction, slow, but you can get there. I would be nice if a proper users manual would be included, but at the price, one shouldn't complain.
This program is a very capable 3D modeler and is aimed more at the Arch/Landscape/Civil world than say ProE, Solidedge, etc. which are much more mechanical designer oriented. You can do mechanical design if you desire, though.
If I could ask for anything extra, it would be a sheet metal module. I am hoping that I eventually come to see this as a 5 star package (Would any program rate that?), but even from what I know already, it's pretty good.

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