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Kellen Lovell ('Ewa Beach, US)
Great product

Good service great product!! Student discount is greatly appreciated!!

Alex Briggs

Unable to set Z-level limits for roughing and parallel finishing
No cutter load balancing
Inability to edit/remove sections from cut path
Poor user interface and display of settings

Edward Parenteau
madCAM 5.0

Great way to start with CNC--Rhino 5 and madCAM 5. madCam 5 is a powerful program and fairly easy to learn, with video on YouTube to get you started. The only thing I had trouble finding were the machine, bit and post processor files which were "hidden" by default on Win 10 in a file on C:Users called appdata. Search google on how to unhide those files as I have forgotten the process.

Bernard Solo

A good value. An affordable way to learn and understand how professional CAM software works.

Excellent CAM software

Having looked at quite a few CAM options MadCam has excellent features such as 4th (and 5th) axis control and re-machining yet it is very easy to use. If you're looking for a CAM program make sure you try them out before committing (I know a school that spent $$$ on a CAD program that was way too complicated which they are now looking to replace). Even if you don't use Rhino for you CAD work it's worth getting it just to be able to use MadCam and it still works out cheaper than similar CAM packages. The only thing I miss from the previous CAM software I was using is being able to change a parameter of a tool or similar and have that flow through and update the paths made with that tool - I don't think you can do this without remaking the path in MadCam but I could be wrong. To sum up I'm very happy with the software and recommend it heartily