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finalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds Max
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Cebas Visual TechnologyCebas Visual TechnologyfinalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds MaxfinalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds MaxFull Version of finalRender (Studio Edition)BID-147-48211,165.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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finalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds Max

finalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds Max

Full Version of finalRender (Studio Edition)

finalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds Max includes many additions and Workflow enhancements specifically tailored to meet the needs of large scale feature film productions and advanced users, seeking the maximum in quality and flexibility. Both products use the same rock solid Hollywood production-proven rendering core; when not using any of the advanced features of the latest release, the rendering results will be identical between the two versions.

New Features

Alice in (Stereo-) Wonderland
The new finalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds Max Stereo Camera offers the 3ds Max user a sophisticated way to reproduce true 3D stereo camera effects from within 3ds Max. cebas was able to develop this 3ds Max rendering solution that has no issues with live action footage, allows proper compositing of existing footage (created with thinkingParticles R4), and matches rendering setups created in Maya. A true 3D stereo camera model into finalRender, it proved to be an ideal rendering solution for major movie productions.
finalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds Max was the rendering system of choice for Uncharted Territory for the 3D VFX in the blockbuster movie "2012." DomeLight proved to be the key lighting method used to create believable and fast global illumination scenery. It also showed great stability in ultra-complex scenes with thousands of animated objects, possessing millions of polygons. It is now faster, smoother and better than before, accelerating both the animation and QMC rendering modes.
Ocean Object and Material
User input is very important to cebas. The latest feedback on Ocean Material and Ocean Object has led to more fine-tuning and upgrades in rendering and processing speed.
fR-CarPaint2 Material
As the successor of the fR-CarPaint material, fR-CarPaint2 offers vastly enhanced, real-world lacquer and paint effect simulation as found in actual metal car finishes.
fR Reinhard Tone Mapper Effect
The fR Reinhard tone mapper effect is an all-purpose image tone mapping tool. It is used to strip down HDRI to standard RGB values suitable for display devices such as monitors, TV screens, or for print media.
Full License of pyroCluster 3.5
pyroCluster offers state-of-the-art volume acceleration rendering technologies and is one of the fastest, most flexible 3D smoke/cloud generators for 3ds Max.
fR-3DGradient: 3D Unlimited
fR-3DGradient is an advanced texture map optimized for maximum flexibility and performance. This new procedural texture map brings the power of the 3d dimension to the user's finger tips.
fR-CD: No CD can do without it
The fR-CD shader material manages the interaction of light rays that hit the surface based on true optical effects. A freely adjustable spectral color gradient defines the angle at which a color should be reflected.
fR-Curvature lets you get curvy with its real-time convex and concave shader that takes the curvature of a mesh and maps it with colors, maps, and textures. fR-Curvature is a spectacular tool for masking other maps, as well as creating effects.
fR-DistantFur Structures
fR-DistantFur is a special fur shader for finalRender 3.5 SE that allows the rendering of surfaces with nearly unlimited amounts of "micro-fur", or short hair. This material render effect works for distant objects only.
For rendering landscapes, mountains, and valleys with sand, rocks, or snow, fR-Elevation offers extensive controls for quick-and-easy setup. An unlimited and expandable amount of layers, each with its own material.
fR-MeshDistance's main purpose is to automatically fade the texture map to black based on the distance of the respective object to the surface. Its One or more "exterior" objects may also be chosen to measure the distance between the surface to which the map is applied and the picked object(s).
fR-ReWrapper Material
finalRender offers an advanced method to add more control to Render Elements and their 3ds Max output. With the introduction of the fR- ReWrapper material, Render Elements can be individually attenuated by material. A Refractive object in the beauty pass may appear solid, or with a different color in the Refraction Render Element.
fR-ThinFilm simulates object surfaces coated with an ultra-thin layer of a different material refracting and reflecting light rays based on the viewing angle and light position. With fR-ThinFilm applied, light hitting an object is split into a user defined color rainbow.

finalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds Max is built upon:

  • all features and functions of finalRender previous version
  • pyroCluster (without mental ray shaders)
  • finalToon
  • former finalShaders shaders (unlimited network render license)

finalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds Max now offers an Interactive Renderer making it possible for you to make changes to your scene and see those changes updated in a live fully rendered Viewport.
There are two new object types introduced to finalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds Max, an Ocean Object which makes it very easy to create realistic looking wave motions almost instantaneously when combined with the new Ocean Shader. Extremely convincing results can be achieved in next to no time at all.
One of the unique new features offered in finalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds Max is a special tool called fR-Scatter, an extremely memory efficient tool for finalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds Max users with which to create virtually an unlimited amount of objects in a 3D scene without causing any memory issues in 3ds Max. This tool represents outstanding value for all finalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds Max users and is included with the finalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds Max at no additional cost!
With the release of finalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds Max we have included all the Material Shaders that used to be available as finalShaders, for the core package. There are also several new material types including the new Ocean Shader and a Volumetric Solid Shader. In the R3 version too, many of the existing material types have undergone improvements and enhancements from the previous version. There are also new texture maps, including a Layer Map which allows multiple layers of maps to be overlaid in a Photoshop and in like manner and a Multi/Sub Map that allows easy variations to be created within one material - great for creating lots of variants of very similar geometries, such as crowd scenes.
Possibly the biggest feature of finalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds Max is the vastly enhanced Render Element support, many new Render Element types have been added and existing ones have been improved. This edition also includes our new Render Elements Passes feature which allows you to render hundreds of render elements in one go. This is a first for 3ds Max (which has a normal limit of only 32 elements) when combined with our new OpenEXR file output.

This Product is Also Known As

  • finalRender R3 SE

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of finalRender 3.5 SE for 3ds Max requires 3ds Max 2016, 2015, 2014, 3ds Max Design 2015, 2014.
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