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LWCAD 2018 for LightWave

The beginning of NURBS era in LightWave 3D

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LWCAD 2018 for LightWave is a top set of add-on modeling plugins for LightWave 3D. Core of this package contains a complete set of standard CAD tools with the most advanced osnap engine. It equips your favorite modeling program with the countless features normally available only in expensive CAD applications.

LWCAD 2018 for LightWave contains revolutionary features such as a real-time curve booleans or real-time polygons drilling which are absolutely unique in the industry, as well as a new set of archiviz tools which are specially designed for creating architecture. It allows users to create a complex building in a few minutes. These new features will push you into another modeling dimension.

New Features

Trial mode
New trial mode. In trial mode, you can completely unlock LWCAD for 30 days. Running in trial mode requires an internet connection.
Options panel Mouse Weight & Angle Step
New parameters which defines mouse sensitivity when adjusting handle weights or angles.
Pop-up preset system
New preset system with forward and backward compatibility. File format : XXX.lwcad
Auto UCS corner
New corner mode for Auto UCS initialization
UCS ruler
Dimensions are projected to UCS X & Y axis
Snap Panel SNAP button
Enable & disable snapping

New Tools

New parametric tool for creating windows. Object can be created from curves, polygons or NURBS.
  • using new pop-up preset system for custom sizes and parameters
  • basic shapes types (rectangle, arch, triangle)
  • custom inner-outer framing and sill
  • custom edges and corners
Edge To Railing
New parametric tool for creating railings from selection on existing geometry.
  • using selection of curve segments, polygon edges or nurbs surface edges
  • using new pop-up preset system
  • railing is assembled from five optional layers : rails, sub-rails, posts, sub-posts and fillings
  • all profiles can be created with curves or extruded rectangle or circle profile.
New railing tool based on Line Tool.

Updated Tools

New railing pop-preset, build railing presets from rail tools directly into stair object
  • polygons and NURBS mode are synchronized
  • new handles placement modes: Segment Ends, Corner Ends, Rail Ends
  • new mode for align profile to ground
  • new parameter show profile csys
Rect UV & Quad UV
New 'Rect UV Linked' parameter allows to enable-disable linking or rectangle size with UV map size.
  • new pop-up preset for UV dimensions
Rectangle,Box,Windoor, Rect Roof, Rect Stair & Wall
new pop-up presets for size dimensions
new optional multi-blade mode, with pop-up presets for blades distances


NURBS curve 2
  • Latest version 2 is fully compatible with previous curve types from LWCAD 4.5 and older
  • Older curve types are automatically converted when object is loaded
  • Lines and curve segments can be joined into a single poly-curve
  • Closed curves are supported
Smart Mesh
  • Smart mesh is a unified geometry system of polygons and NURBS surfaces
  • The basic idea of this system, is to connect polygons and nurbs surfaces into homogeneous objects
  • Polygons and surfaces are connected with shared edges which are defined by curves or lines
  • Level of detail of these shared edges are identical for both sides of connected surfaces or polygons
Smart Selection
  • Smart selection system is incorporated into LWCAD since version 5.0
  • The purpose of this system, is to unify and simplify behavior of all LWCAD edit tools when using on smart mesh. LWCAD 2018 for LightWave uses the smart selection system in all tools listed in the Smart Edit section
  • It is based on selection handles which can also have adjustable parameters
  • Selection handles are created from geometry
  • Adjustable handles are created from geometry or as a combination of existing handles
  • LWCAD since version 2 contains a complete snap engine which is fully integrated into all of the LWCAD tools. Snap modes are adjustable through the "Snap Panel"
  • Universal Coordinate System, or UCS, allows you to create a user-defined adjustable workplane
  • BG Layers Snap allows you to snap to geometry in background layers
Real-Time Boolean
  • Polygon Slice: all curve primitives also have the ability to slice polygons. Tool must be applied by clicking on a polygon and then slice mode is enabled with pol button
  • Polygon Boolean: all polygon-based primitive tools can use real-time polygon Boolean. Polygonal Boolean operations preserve UV maps on objects
  • Curve Boolean: all curve primitive tools can use real-time curve Boolean functions. Boolean operations are calculated between objects created with tools and the rest of the scene geometry that lies on the same UCS workplane as the current tool. Boolean operations only work with LWCAD NURBS curves
  • NURBS Boolean: NURBS boolean is not available yet. It is planned feature for one of future releases. As a manual solution 'Add point' and 'Offset' functions can be used

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