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Flame Assist 2018
1‑Year Term
with Support
New Subsc.
Available in USA only
AutodeskAutodeskFlame Assist 2018 - Subscription - 1-Year Term w/ SupportFlame Assist 2018 - Subscription - 1-Year Term w/ SupportPost-production workflow support for FlameC0VJ1-WW4599-T971-VC2,135.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018

Flame Assist 2018

Flame Assist 2018 -- Subscription -- 1-Year Term w/ Support

Post-production workflow support for Flame

A timeline-centric fully compatible assistant station for Flame, Flame Assist 2018 Subscription improves productivity in Flame-based creative finishing processes. Get started with Flame Assist 2018 without already owning Flame.


Improve productivity
Add Flame Assist for a faster workflow.
Increase creative finishing productivity
Better manage projects from start to finish.
More efficient conform and timeline versioning
Keep up with editorial changes from offline.
Scalable licensing
Add more licenses to meet rising demands.
Workflow tools
Get improved interoperability between products.

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