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RealFlow | Cinema 4D 3

RealFlow for C4D: the best in fluid simulation, directly inside Cinema 4D

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RealFlow | Cinema 4D 3 gives you the best in fluid simulation, directly inside Cinema 4D. Now you can achieve high-end simulations with an even easier workflow.

Why use RealFlow | Cinema 4D?

  • Serious, high performance fluids - RealFlow | Cinema 4D 3 is built on RealFlow's Dyverso solver - so you get the best in fluid simulation, with an easy workflow
  • Simplified workflow - Forget about going back and forth between 3D platforms. You no longer have to worry about network dependencies, permissions, or IP issues
  • Fully integrated toolkits - Now you can use native Cinema 4D modifiers and tools combined with RealFlow
  • High speed simulations - RealFlow | Cinema 4D 3 is GPU accelerated, supporting CUDA and OpenCL

What can RealFlow | Cinema 4D do?

  • Particle-Object Interaction - Use RealFlow nodes and Cinema 4D colliders together
  • C4D splines as RF particle paths - Create splines in Cinema 4D and use them as fluid paths in RealFlow
  • C4D materials as emission masks - Use Cinema 4D materials and textures for emitting fluid particles
  • Crown splashes on demand - Create and customize crown splashes easily.
  • Use RF directly with C4D Mograph - Convert RF to thinking particles, use particle instances and tracer objects
  • Visible fluids on objects - Use collision maps during simulation and render the effect
  • Super-fast meshing - Take advantage of a fast and easy-to-configure mesh engine based on the OpenVDB library

What's New

Macro Daemon

Particle Clipping For Meshing
Spline Control Circles

Alembic Stitcher

Quads For Meshes
Sub-Frame Sampling
Particle Size Controlled By The Fluid
Force Scale
Transform Your Fluids
Caching Enhancements


    • Fully integrated toolkits
    • High speed simulations
    • Cache Offset
    • Turbulence FD Integration
    • Mesher Fluid Weights
    • Granular, viscous, and viscoelastic materials.
    • Rigid and elastic deformer.
    • "Particle Skinner" tool
    • Multi-physics solver
    • Speed and memory improvements
    • Improved robustness of GPU calculations
    • Huge speed improvement
    • Interactions between multiple fluids
    • Multiple scene objects within the same project
    • "Tensile Strength" parameter
    • "Vorticity Boost" parameter
    • Use image maps for an object's friction, stickiness, roughness, etc.
    • Updated Dyverso library with better GPU support
    • Improved stability with Thinking Particles, less RAM-consuming
    • "Image" emitter supports animated textures and Cinema 4D noise shaders
    • Adjustable image resolution for "Image" emitter in Cinema 4D's preferences
      • Visualizer Daemon
      • "Reset Age" and "Keep Source Particles" options for the "Filter" daemon
      • Versatile falloff functions for many force-based daemons
      • Random parameters for improved and more realistic filtering
      • Falloff for DSpline daemons
        • Better and more robust collaboration with external render engines
        • Improved motion blur
        • More and improved vertex maps for meshes
        • Weight maps for meshes
        • Improved "Scale" parameters for mesh vertex maps
        • Global and node-specifc frame offset parameters for synchronizing simulations with other Cinema 4D scene elements.
          • Meshes can now be built from already cached simulations
          • "RealFlow" preferences entry to specify a default cache folder
          • Improved connection to Cinema 4D's MoGraph, Hair, and Take
          • "Volume" and "Collider" tags
          • Fluid masking
          • Improved and faster method for filling object volumes with particles
          • Automatic or manual time step management
          • "Links" field for type-aware linking of fluids, deformer, emitters, daemons, and collision objects
          • Random parameters for scatter effects
          • Multiple "Collider" tags per object
          • Real-time viewport preview for vertex and weight maps
          • Highlight new parameters, options, and features
          • Improved Thinking Particles workflow
          • New modes for "Fill" emitter
          • Powerful visualizer
          • Simplified workflow 
          • Plugin architecture
          • Alembic Ogawa Cache file format
          • Improved stability and bug fixes 



          Installation Requirements

          In order to work properly, your copy of RealFlow | Cinema 4D 3 requires:


          Cinema 4D R21
          Cinema 4D: The fastest and easiest-to-use advanced 3D animation solution. Includes all Studio, Prime, Broadcast, Visualize and BodyPaint features!

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