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Cyborg3D SubD2CAD

Cyborg3D SubD2CAD: Standalone product to convert existing subdivision surface models into NURBS

Cyborg3D SubD2CADCyborg3D SubD2CAD brings the powerful SubD to CAD conversion tools (found in nPower's Power Surfacing add-in for SolidWorks and Power SubD-NURBS plug- in for MODO) to the rest of the Sub-D design community. SubD2CAD is a standalone product that can be used to convert existing subdivision surface models into NURBS boundary representations (Breps) which may be exported to standard formats readable by all CAD systems.


  • Bring your subdivision surface models into a CAD system
  • Convert Z-Brush sculptures into CAD readable formats
  • Import polygonal models from Turbosquid or other polygonal model sites into your CAD software package
  • Make organic shapes quickly and easily

Supported Workflows

  • Import, modify and convert a "Catmul Clark" subdivision surface (from SubD design programs, or from a model repository like to a CAD format.
  • Import and convert high resolution (up to 6 million polygons) sculpted quadrilateral meshes from ZBrush or other sculpting packages.
  • Import, repair, shrink wrap with a quadrilateral mesh and convert high density triangular scanned meshes.
  • Design SubD models directly inside of SubD2CAD and then convert to a CAD format.


SubD Design Workflow Gas Can Creation
Understanding the Brep To SubD Command
Turbosquid and Import Workflow
Modeling a Spoon

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Cyborg3D SubD2CAD
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