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NONECGNONECGArchitecture - NYC - 4 Blocks - 31 BuildingsArchitecture - NYC - 4 Blocks - 31 BuildingsHyper-realistic modular New York City.BID-198-9062375.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Architecture - NYC - 4 Blocks - 31 Buildings


Hyper-realistic modular New York City.

This set is composed by 4 tileable blocks making a total of 31 different buildings. You can tile the blocks the way you want to build your own city.
Architecture - NYC - 4 Blocks - 31 Buildings includes full environment with lights and render setup for VRAY 3dsmax and Cinema4D, MENTAL RAY (3dsmax and Maya), Cinema4D internal renderer, 3DS Max Scanline and LightWave default renderer.
Just load the scenes and render.
FBX, OBJ and DAE scenes have been exported from 3dsmax, Maya and Cinema4D (all 3).
This asset contains:
  • Detailed buildings
  • Road tiles
  • Street furniture
  • Roof details
  • 3 different trees
  • High quality textures

Keywords: New York city building modular block Brooklyn Manhattan jersey architecture skyscraper house road street USA urban store shop Apartment Structure NYC downtown town facade Avenue Cityscape metropolitan tower Harlem
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