Time-Based Cache Sculpting for all 3D software pipelines

Product Information
Product NameLW-ChronoSculpt 1.0
ManufacturerNewTek NewTek
Manufacturer Part #LW-CHSC
Product TypeSingle License
Platform Runs on Windows Runs on Mac
Shipping MethodDigital delivery
System Requirements
CPUIntel Processor
Disk space750MB
Memory (RAM)4GB minimum
Operating System(s)64-bit: Windows Vista or Windows 7/8 64-bit Edition
Snow Leopard 10.6 or better
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NewTekNewTekLW-ChronoSculpt 1.0LW-ChronoSculpt 1.0Time-Based Cache Sculpting for all 3D software pipelinesLW-CHSC8959+1 (415) 848 9018