Get to know CYPE, Structural Design and Analysis Software for Architects, Engineers, and Construction firms!

What it's About

CYPE occupies a leading position in the field of Engineering, Architecture and Construction Software. Cype comes with a plethora of design elements to ensure maximum analysis reliability and highest drawing precision.

 Join this webinar to get a first look and access for FREE the latest Open BIM Covid 19 re-entry plans software.  We will also go over some of CYPE's MEP programs and some basic functions and introduce the BIM Server center and its many functions. 

With CYPE you can pick from a wide range analysis and reinforcement options, allowing you to make a tailored analysis.  

The webinar is free and lasts about one hour, including the Q&A session.

Who is Presenting the Webinar

Pablo Gilabert Boronat  is the Director of Innovation at CYPE software. He has a Masters in Architecture and in BIM Management. In the last years he has played an active role in projects related to the investigation of new technologies in the construction field.

Who Should Attend

Architects , Engineers, Construction professionals, Fire safety professionals, Insurance company / risk management.

Webinar Video

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Products Featured in this Webinar

Cype Building Solution

CYPE Building Solution

Cype HVAC Scolution

CYPE HVAC Solution

CYPE Electricity Solution

CYPE Elettricity Solution