ARCHLine.XP - Complete Software Solution for Interior Design

What it's About

Creating stunning visuals should be fast, simple and effective. Meet ARCHLine.XP, a design software which requires no prior CAD knowledge, offering a powerhouse of tools to create kitchen design, tiling layout, soft furnishing, upholstered furniture, and all the intricate details which help you to communicate your design ideas.

We are so impressed by ARCHLine.XP capabilities that we would like you to experience it first hand. That is why we will be issuing a two-month free trial of ARCHLINE.XP LT 2020. Find out about the details here.

The webinar is free and lasts about one hour, including the Q&A session.

Who is Presenting the Webinar

Illesh Papp  is an Architect, CG and CAD Specialist, Product manager, supporting & tutoring architects and interior designers.

Zoltan Toth is an international partner manager and sales&marketing specialist.

Who Should Attend

Interior Designers and Decorators, Home Stagers, Furniture Makers.

Webinar Video

Please check again this page. We are working to publish the webinar ASAP

Products Featured in this Webinar

ARCHLine.XP Professional 2020

ARCHLine.XP LT 2020