VR and BIM for Residential Design

What it's About

BIM and Virtual Reality can innovate the home building industry. Initially, many feel the benefits of using a BIM model with VR are purely for marketing, leveraging the 3D model for sales visuals. Taking a deeper, more thoughtful look BIM models reveal many practical business reasons to adopt BIM and VR for residential construction. Join us to learn how with  Envisioneer Building Essential 14.

Who is Presenting the Webinar

Chantale Pitts is on a mission to automate the home building industry. Her presentations on BIM and Virtual Reality for Home Building have been seen around the world and she is a regular guest speaker for Cadsoft Distributors worldwide. As the Director of Customer Service for Cadsoft Corporation for over 20 years, she oversees client-facing programs within the Cadsoft organization.

Who Should Attend

Home Builders, Interior Designers, Architects, Remodelers.

Watch the Recorded Webinar


VR and BIM for Residential Design from Novedge on Vimeo.

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