thinkingParticles 6.2. Powerful Gas, Smoke and Compressible Fluids Effects!

What it's About

In this webinar, will touch on what are the latest additional features with the thinkingParticles Update. Compressible fluids are one of the most difficult visual effects to do but with TP release 6.2, Professional Artists now have their own advanced Smoke fluidSolver, physically accurate visual effects toggling heat, temperature, pressure and distance operators, to name a few in creating their FX. Edwin will also talk about the thinkingParticles 6.2 Direct Particle Rendering, that is not a given in 3dsMax, which allows for direct rendering of particles as volumetric effects.

Who is Presenting the Webinar

Edwin Braun, CEO and co-founder of cebas Visual Technology, will be coming on board to give you a first-hand account on what the new features of tParticles 6 can do in terms of creative visual effects. Edwin himself was once an avid coder and has extensive experience in teaching creative 3D VFX.

Who Should Attend

Professional Film FX Artists, Animators, Game Cinematic Designers, Student of VFX

Watch the Recorded Webinar

thinkingParticles 6.2 _ Powerful Gas, Smoke and Compressible Fluids Effects! from Novedge on Vimeo.

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